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00 Raiser with 2 LEDs

Harga : Rp.300.000,-
Availability : Discontinued

Discontinued !

Product Specifications

Merek : TT Hongli
Tinggi 18 cm, Skala 1/100
Include : stand base celestial being, 2 LED Lights To go up against increasingly powerful opponents and the Innovators' highly advanced Mobile Suits, the 0 Raiser was developed to connect with 00 Gundam to form Celestial Being's most formidable mecha yet, the 00 Raiser! This special three-in-one set gathers the 1/100 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser, along with a limited-edition clear green version of the Celestial Being Action Base. All parts come molded in color and easily snap together so no glue or paint is required! Upon completion, the star Mobile Suit from the second season of "Gundam 00" will feature not only polycap-jointed limbs, but also a flexible Twin Drive System (GN Drives on each shoulder) with light-up LEDs! Setsuna's personal Mobile Suit can be equipped with the included pair of GN Sword IIs that switch from Sword to Rifle Mode, a pair of GN Beam Sabers, and GN Shields. Combine 0 Raiser with 00 Gundam by folding down its main nozzle, separating its Side Binders and attaching them to the Mobile Suit's GN Drives, and then connecting the spacecraft to the back of the mecha to complete the powered-up 00 Raiser! The included clear green Celestial Being Action Base can be used to set the Mobile Suit in dynamic mid-air poses. A sheet of foil stickers is provided. Two button batteries are required, not included.