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Product Specifications

Merek : Dragon Momoko
Tinggi 18 cm, Skala 1/100
Skala : MG 1/100 Tinggi : 18 cm Another Master Grade Endless Waltz kit is here from Dragon Momoko, and it's none other than the Epyon! That's right. You read that correctly. Dragon Momoko has followed up on its recent EW MG kits with one of the most popular Mobile Suits from the series. The Epyon is molded in this gorgeous color and features expandable wings, moveable hand claws, and even the 'Dragon Mouth' opening on its feet! But best of all, MG Epyon is able to change shape into its flying form thanks to a uniquely designed skirt. Even the Epyon's flexible heat rod is included. Grab yours now, Wing fans!