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PG Banshee Expansion Unit

Harga : Rp.200.000,-
Availability : Discontinued

Discontinued !

Product Specifications

Merek : Daban Models
Tinggi 18 cm, Skala 1/60
Distinctive arms armed Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Banshee expansion unit that can reproduce appeared in the perfect grade! ※ MS body is not included in this product. By mounting the "PG 1/60 Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Banshee-Norns" (sold separately), "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" episode arm to reproduce the Banshee at the time appeared in 4 & 5 part armed Armed Armor VN, the Armed Armour BS Commercialized as expansion unit. ● a complete new type of PG-compliant, thorough reproduce the Armed armor VN and Armed Armour BS! Psycho frame part, reproduced in the light-collecting material of the body similar UV correspondence. Armed armor VN of the tip of the claw, in glossy gold-plated finish, produce a sharp expression. - Destroy Mode, with a development and housing gimmick that corresponds to the deformation of the Unicorn mode. - The Armed armor arms remain equipped, can be equipped with a beam saber. Tonfa mechanism reproducibility. ● water transfer decals for the new design marking is also recorded body content is included! In addition to marking that corresponds to the Armed Armor VN / BS, also marking for Banshee body, Recorded in Hajime Katoki Mr. draw cause of the new design. The over-the-counter sale items, finish of different design can enjoy. ● the same scale figure of Marida Cruz is included (falling). The set includes: Armed Armor VN / Armed Armour BS / water transfer decals / same scale figure