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Perfect Grade Strike Rouge

Harga : Rp.1.200.000,-
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Product Specifications

Merek : Daban Models
Tinggi 30,0 cm, Skala PG 1/60
The MBF-02 Strike Rouge was built from spare GAT-X105 Strike parts stored onboard the Izumo class battleship Kusanagi. For all intents and purposes, the Strike Rouge is an almost-exact copy of the Strike, with a few minor modifications and improvements made by Morgenroete. The most obvious difference between the two units is that the Strike Rouge's Phase Shift armor is colored red and pink instead of red, white, and blue. This color change can be attributed to minor improvements in Phase Shift armor energy efficiency and the usage of a power extender to increase the suit's battery life. However, the real reason is undoubtedly the theme of using the color pink for a female character. In addition, the Strike Rouge uses a Natural-use operating system and a pilot-assisting artificial intelligence. While this Gundam is for a woman in the series, it will still look great in any model enthusiast’s collection! Since two versions of the Strike are now available, you can pick your favorite color scheme, or just get them both!

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