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Harga : Rp.500.000,-
Availability : Discontinued

Discontinued !

Product Specifications

Merek : Daban Models
Tinggi 18 cm, Skala 1/100
This pure white MS produced by the UC Project was part of the Federation Space Force's reorganization plan. The entire movable frame of this experimental machine forms a psychoframe, and its responsiveness is extremely high. It also incorporates a special "Laplace Program" OS and a system known as NT-D (Newtype Drive, called Newtype Destroyer System by Full Frontal). When NT-D is activated, the internal frame expands and the entire figure is transformed. In the process, the armor separates along its seams, and slides are released. A red glow can be seen where the internal frame is exposed by the gaps in the armor, and this is believed to be a psychoframe luminescence phenomenon. The machine's performance, in particular its mobility, is dramatically increased when NT-D is active. This kit captures the incredible power of both modes of the Unicorn Gundam in one impressive kit! It can be built in Unicorn mode and then easily transformed into NT-D mode, at which point the kit gains about an inch in height. The MS Cage from which the Unicorn Gundam launched in the series is also included, and is also incredibly detailed, so you’ll have a place to keep this marvelous kit safe!