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Product Specifications

Merek : BTF
Tinggi 18 cm, Skala MG 1/100
According to gundam wiki, the Caletvwlch is a multipurpose equipment created by Lowe (the pilot of MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame) and mass produced by Junk Guild. The equipment consists of two blades and a welding torch that doubles as a beam rifle, and is powered by an internal battery. It can be customize easily and in addition to the basic Gun and Sword Mode. This MG 1/100 version is produced by BTF, consists of 4 plastic runner sets with separated colors (so you don't have to paint it) with 1 stand for a pair of Katana. After assemble it, you will get only 2 Caletvwlch Swords + additional 2 mini blades. The Katana stand has 4 space to store LED light unit. By the way, the snapfit is pretty tight, also be careful when assemble the thin red line in the middle of the sword, it's made of thin plastic (very fragile). One backpack converter to store Caletvwlchs on the back of Gundam Astray Red Frame also included.