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Review mendetail SuperNova MG 1/100 Altron Gundam

Source : http://www.thaigundam.com/forum/index.php?topic=43304

This review is just a hobby, it may be forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, some points may be used for personal comments. Each hand is not equal. Feelings and views are not the same. Well, do not believe so much.
- There is nothing wrong to obey or solve the data or add information will be highly appreciated.

Altron gundam
1/100  MG EX
Super nova : Extreme Hobby
Series:  I believe in your love , I believe in your dream.

All Panels

Dragon Panel Joint Parts Will cut into a sealing bag.

Good waterproof to Gundam pads.

Big sticker Mark Twain The color of the pearl is a glimpse ..... but very little.
The puppet But who wants to have a glimpse of a sticker. Which personally do not use. Because I do not think it will work for the sticker to wrap this whole.

Mold is quite a problem with the Slide is a 4-way (left-right - top - bottom), which he normally does not do. Because cost wasted. But the advantage is good on all aspects.
There are 3 parts that are common in the MG, but the crazy power that made four directions that I have come to think of only one camp is Koto. Now with Armidor Corin Ball

The dragon base provides two in case of difficulty.

Skin and well

The skin is good, but not bad, but not much skin is okay, but some mold collection work is not finished.
Many parts are injected thickly, so there are waves in the plastic.
The sharpness is quite ok, but it has some good swing, some points look blurry, still look deep in Chinese. But nothing much. The corners look ok.
Plastic Armor is ABS hard but fine plastic outer arm is soft, easy to cut, easy to cut, easy to cut. Like Mechanicore's or MC's, but they have some problems. Because it will chip easily. I want to be stronger than this.

The parts are underneath. There are both vir
I want to say that some points should not do the undergate. Because it's good Or cut hard Some good points to make. But some points put more waste of time instead.

Click for larger image.


In the tongue Do not lock on your head, it's easy and it's very small. This time to the first part. Otherwise, the break up. Glue it.
Green fins One side does not lock at all

Because of the lock on the green tongue again. The green tongue is not locked with the head. Make the mask part Quite dizzy Is locking rarely And the mask is quite a lot of front.
If the glue straighten the tongue and cut the mask into the hat more. Should be better But at this point, it is better to glue better.

Wing chest

The waist is higher waist stretch. And the waist is frozen. Can not move Makes the main shift at the base of the waist.

Straight chest section. The red face is recommended to cut the tip.
And according to the leaflet will tell you to put a small piece of gray after the last red piece. In fact Put a small piece before the red pieces, it is easier to remove, but the time to dismantle the red pieces, it is very hard to pull out, so that the sheep to make color. The red pieces are 4 Otherwise, the sheep is very difficult.


Straight chest section. The red face is recommended to cut the tip.
And according to the leaflet will tell you to put a small piece of gray after the last red piece. In fact Put a small piece before the red pieces, it is easier to remove, but the time to dismantle the red pieces, it is very hard to pull out, so that the sheep to make color. The red pieces are 4 Otherwise, the sheep is very difficult.

The finger is a change of finger. But the big toes do not fit into some fingers to cut a few toes. Arms will feel fit. But the rest is cut. How to put it before? Do not go to slash to thin. But shear is not locked
Well, the plastic it is ABS hardened, engraved multiple times out. Do not sweat easily plastic soft The finger is often changed and the hole is growing.


Nothing much. Glue a little glue.


The knee is tight to the press and then pulled out of course. Cut a pivot The rest is nothing more than a simple push down.


At that time, it was silly to stop at the bottom of the green armor. Must see the back Maybe it's a piece of gray = = ''

Part of the weapon Because it is a removable finger. The weapon locking system is not as good as it looks. Use a thin glue at the locking point, squeeze the weapon fit enough to help. But if it goes too, squeeze the weapon out of the hand.


Dragon arm
The tip of the mouth The inner piece will bounce all the time. But not very ugly Enough to get it
The nails are very sharp but the plastic is not very hard. Be careful chipping

10 arm bones per bong

Continue to be
The main thing to do is not much. The hardest problem is probably the header. The mask and tongue look not locked with a good head. Need to glue it, do not cut it.
Very small parts Be careful to bounce away
The finger must see that it is too tight and stuffed. And the weapon locking system is very abrasive. Because it is baked from the old again. Which personally separate the hand of the Mokoko will make a better hand.
Part of the problem is less mainstream as the chase. No more pressing, not very difficult.
The plastic in my hair is ok, but it's solid, but the armor is soft. Many nodes are easy to chip.
Fair skin is not very good, but not ugly. The main ones are clearly visible green pieces.
Designing but personal favorite, I do not like shredded legs, short legs and long neck, the dragon is ok. To inject a very old design.
The point of shifting, okay, tight fit every point. Dragon arm work well. If not hard posture. For example, set straight This weight fight is not. But if the crook bent up and down.null


Zoom lens

Eye sticker It is a plastic display in the eyes. Not fake sticker

The neck is stretched to look strange. Time to post it like a face. The neck will look shorter.
The locking system has a problematic lock. Nice mouth ok But it bounced forward. Because it locks the tongue in front of it. Really want to cut the adhesive to remove it.

Armor colors are not based on EW, but instead of Altron.

Sleeveless sleeves
New Sleeve Dragon Sleeve Design

Waist cut Until the block in the waist can not move. Use the base instead.

Legs to dissect armor look a little strange.

The dragon looks a lot like Arms armored by Banshee.

............ is it Arms Armored of Banshee really?

Okay Okay
But it looks ..... ordinary ......
It's a dragon's arms. It looks overkill so much that the main weapon does not fit into the jar.


Hole mounted on the back dragon But if it does not, it is good for me.

Of all the boxes.

Sheldon's shield with a new custom design. Include two types.

Backpack, if not arm, there is a hole. No N-Mold comes off.
In the back of the normal or retractable back.

New finger nail sharp

Dragon Hank is attached to the arm, but it is very difficult because the axis that stretch out is short. And the angle of the plug seemed awkward.

Axis retractable for Dragon Hanks.

The point of shifting to normal. Wing Gundam Frame
Ok tight joints every good point.


The waist can be moved with the baseball jay alone. The waist can not move because of the waist.

Leg angle

Bent knee

The legs are not spread out and the toe does not end. Because of the ancient mechanism. Double ball jay
Like Dhell , the ankle arm splits the shifting point into another piece, making it move better.

Sit not to short thighs.


Shelter's shield


Design is also three Look strange

Standard Edition

Dragon hangs behind backpack
I can not attach my arm. Because there are no parts.
The arm is OK, if you do not pretend to set all the blocks to lean forward. Weighted joints are available.
But the problem is to put more foot weight. Because after that, it will be heavy on the top, making it easy to lose weight if the balance is not good.

Not very high and far from Tawat. Will drag the dragon fit.

The golden dragon mouth. It will be oblique. Can not be straight because joints are not supported.

The joints are good, but if the straight up to the front. Weight joints are not.

Up to 18 blocks long.

Heavy ....... balan center clutter

Two heads

The base
The lock with the base made a good lock, unlike Moko's.


Review :
- Size 1/100 standard box to open the panel does not compress anything. Box box is not an open box
- In the box with a sealed waterproof seals like a separate sale.
- sticker It is attached to armor. The sticker is a little "little". Actually, I have not tried it yet. But the whole sector is not as interesting as it used to be.
- The interior panel is the same MG Gundam Wing, but has a refined look.
- The inside of the plastic is hard plastic ABS, the outer layer is soft plastic.
- The frame in plastic ok okay, but the plastic armor is soft. Easy to cut, easy to cut, easy to cut But the bottom line is easy. And this one's pointed it a lot.
- Stargate is not very good at all points, but right where you can go to the underdog. Which is both good and bad. Because some points it is unlikely to make the underdeck to waste time.
- Many of the dots using a removable mold 4 top, bottom left, right, to the full. But it will leave a scratch on the seams instead. There are several points.
- In the box of 2 Shield Vulcan Shields and 2 Dragons.
- a removable finger But because of the plastic it is solid. I'll be okay
- The main disadvantage is that the main disadvantage is the head. Because of the green tongue it is not locked with the head. And the mask on the green tongue again. Make the mask loose, wobble up and down. Need glue
- Front facing up with locking degree locking. Because lock points do not do well. But personally, the front bounce it. Cut the axis to shrink the mask is likely to be better.
- The fins on the other side of the lock is not locked.
- The structural body was baked in Gundam Wing. But with a new waist Higher waist stretch But this part of the waist shift mechanism goes wrong.
- Move the waist with the ball at the base of the waist. But the ball was tight enough to use.
- Red armor chest should cut the spur, otherwise press it and then separate the parts very difficult.
- small pieces in the chest Let slip to put later. Really put before the red pieces, it will be much easier.
- A light green arm end of the shoulder like to press down.
- a small piece of the shoulder to separate the bugs. With small pieces at the forearm
- a small piece at the forearm. The last card to be attached to the final after the armor is completed. Composite easier. Because it is easier to handle parts. Watch out for this bounce off because it is very small.
- The finger is removable. But some fingers, such as a finger, not stuffed into the spit a little. But if you miss to cut loose too much.
- The skirt is nothing more, the skirt is out easy. Glue the locking point a little bit to finish.
- Legs are not a bit loose, but not a problem.
- The armor knee is very tight. I want to disassemble it. Slice the pivot to get better.
- Legs disassembled showcase in .... Strange ...
- Backpack is nothing more.
- Two more reverses are the original. But personally that looks a little fresh. Because the Dragon Hanks is very big piece. Pull your eyes
- Dragon Hank, nothing more. But yellow claws The position it will be tilt forever is not good.
- The nose of the Dragon Hank will reveal the lock forever. Because this point has no spur lock.
- The dragon hangs in the center of the yellow claw.
- Dragon Hank can be attached to the back of the arm. But it is very difficult to find because of the low catch area.
- Drag the dragon head behind the backpack. But it can not fit in an arm in an anime or an image. Unfortunately too
- Backpack with fillings if not attached to the head of the dragon. The storage is also available as a removable plug.
- The lock with the base in the box works well.
- The mechanical arm is divided into 20 segments, the average of 10 segments.
- The large ball juggling. Tighten to a level
- The arm of the dragon moves in weight. But if poses are difficult. The Dragon Hanks are flat and flat. This is not weight gain. But if I go back and forth This is enough to gain weight.
- The shifting of the frame. Is the point of moving the base is complete, but the legs or feet are shifting. Use the old double ball. The legs are not as new as new.
- after the dragon hangs. Balans weighs very hard. As for the ankle, it does not do much. The weight that Balan is best is to stand upright leg spread. If you want to get tough, it will be difficult to organize.
- stretch the arms of dragons It's hard to fall.
- Weapon blockade is not good enough. If you move very easily.
- The color scheme is not the same as Nagato, but the green shade does not match Altron

1. Dragon's arm works well enough that the poses are tight enough and long enough.
2. Good tight joints.
3. Good many, many good points to separate the bugs.
4. breakdown Many armor to separate multiple molds to maintain the best. And split a lot of colors
5. Armed with two weapons shield Dragon Hanks.

1. Head is a problem. It is a mask with tongue. Until the corner of the mask it cleft. And the mask looks bouncy from the hat. I want to cut it with glue to help tighten up. The ear is not locked. This is the problem.
2. Some fingers are tight to not fit into hands. And the weapon lock system is a bit easier.
3. Long neck to the front of the neck to shorten it.
4. Plastic Armor With a lot Be careful, chipping is easy, especially with the dragon mouth teeth.
5. Elastic Dragon Hush Mode The arm is not in the model in the anime. And the Dragon Hank in the arm, aiming the groove is quite difficult.null

1. The new design. Some points like it. But some points look strange. Personally, I do not like to cut the armor leg. But the dragon arm okay, but people like.
2. Color tone is not anime, but the people like it.
3. inch is removable I personally do not like it. But it's also good for plastics. Wear time to remove the plug at all.
4. Dragon Hank, if you stretch your arms straight, it does not carry weight. Let's get to the base.
5. sticker fake stick armor .... I like to see the same situation lol.
6. The weapon is very plain. It's a weapon like the Dragon Hanks. It's Overkill, but it's a bit more common.
7. Stargate is out of some points, some good points are wasted more time than before.


The inner frame is ABS hardened. Not as hard as the stairs. But catch it and feel it. At this point, I'm okay.
But in the outer armor. A soft plastic Like Mechanicore's or MC's, the advantage is that it is soft, easy to cut, easy to handle, but the problem is that the nuts are easy to chip because the plastic is not hard enough.

Skin work -8/10
The surface is not rusty, but it is not very smooth. There are several mold tracks left. It is a green panel.
Many of the spots saw a crack. Or fins attached. Because the adjustment of the nozzle force. But it was not enough.

It's not hard to master the headline issues. To rely on glue will not fall apart.
Another point is the skirt is out easy. The fingers have to be sliced ​​because some finger stuffed hard.
Armor, chest and knee, but recommended to slash.
The rest is nothing more. Do not press hard

Fine sharpness -8.5 / 10
Some points are sharp. But a small piece of air at the foot. Or a small piece of jewelry will look a little blurred. The overall merit is not bad.
One piece of a single block of pieces of mold is good. The side of the line is not full of fools. Because the mold is separated.
But lose a lot of seams instead

Joints -9.5 / 10
Good tight, okay, no glue (Personally use glue fixes, just have a head with a locked weapon)
Sleeveless Dragon Sleeve, not tight enough to sit upright. But enough poses.

Gimick Book - 10/10
Okay good arm weapon to personally do not like the design of the reverse. But it was good. Better than nothing
Plus good watercolor stickers. never mind

Stability - 7.5 / 10
The head has to cushion the skirt off the easy frame. The locking system is not very stable.
And the arm of the dragon. If you need to weight it is not easy. Another part is the ankle system. Double ball As much as the ankle fracture is very new. Makes it very difficult to balance.
The lock with the base works fine. The base will be much better. By the way, the heavyweight.

Shifting point - 8/10
The shifting gears use the MG Wing Gundam, which is an old frame. The main disadvantages are the ankle.
Waist down But ok, because the joints are very good. The waist is tight enough to hold the weight on the episode using the Dragon Hank.
The main part of the ankle. Because I can not move much. Make it difficult weight.

Design - 7/10
Personally, I do not like armor legs that open the armor. Head must mask The Dragon Hanks, I'm okay with it. But I want to stick to the arm as well.

Splitting - 9/10
The colors are OK, but the middle of the dragon nails look lazy to polish for color lines.

Awesome - 10/10
Dragon's arms are selling points of this. And it works great.

Value for money - 8/10
If you like the design is OK. The solution is as told. Personally, I would say that the little hats would make the Dragon Hank stretch from his arms. The backside of Balan's overall weight improved. But if you stretch out your hand. It may not be fully functional. But it will be more impressive.

Size comparison

Personally, it's not that difficult to master, so the main problem is the head. Keep the last one at all. I will not lose much of the mood, the point is to personal a long time. I have to bow forever. It helps to look shorter.
The rest of the rest. Not difficult Press down hard, there are a few points according to the list. The press is not the same as genuine ABS plastic.
The main thing is that it depends on the design that like it because it solves the design of the prototype too much. Personally, I like both the likes and dislikes. Personally, if the body I like the original more. But the new dragon hangs at the arm, inviting the dummy to be armed with heavy arms. Can not remember
If not, it's Naakut / Al-Tron. I think it's a pretty good one. The main thing is not very difficult. Time to go straight to the same. With the head really need to glue.
Really, the point of sale really is the mechanical arm. It works well on one level. (Difficulties, such as stand upright. Bearing weight does not need to use the base, but if it goes near the body. Or twist the joints a lot, this is ok), but then stick to the base. Because it is difficult to balance weight.
Unfortunately, the point is that the Dragon Hank is attached to the arm is an option is still good. Because we have a lot of weapons. This point, if you give it up to be complete.
Personally, that's a good camp. Announced then put up for sale It takes a few months, very sensitive, 1 month notice, 4 month sales, incredibly sensitive. Do not worry about the morbidness of Moomo's DHELL must consider themselves strongly.
I will go to the private Nagatagree of his uncle. I passed Because I was waiting for the collection. Fess up to the drop. It does not have to be very repetitive, but it becomes Frozztia drop. End of the year is not full figure fall off. Doubt Finally, the Snow White Kato is also designed to be empty. See, there's just one survivor of the same joy. And then it disappears.null