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Review Mendetail Dragon Momoko Deathscythe TV Ver

Source : http://www.thaigundam.com/forum/index.php?topic=43259.0

This review is just a hobby, it may be forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, some points may be used personal opinions. Each hand is not equal. Each feeling and perspective is not the same.  Well, do not believe anything
- there is nothing wrong to abstain or solve the information or add information will be highly appreciated. Death scythe Hell 1/100 MG Dragon momoko price, but the store inside the box is not compressed so much to fit. All panels are good water collectors with stickers. Glue sticker is not sticky, but just fine with the skin click for larger image I'm going to shoot a lot this time around. Because the surface is quite swinging. Try to shoot interesting spots.

The skin is better separated panels. But almost all panels are made of sand. But the roughness is not as detailed as Davis. Is a scaly What if the colored lines do not have anything? But the color of the shadow line is definitely a headache. Because it scales a bit bigger.
Yellow is OK, very good, flawless, smooth, with no
red sand, smooth sand. Okay, nothing
gray. Suffolk
black............... The problem is over. It was a scratch marks. The skins are not finished to full. Part of it is because it is black. These marks are bounced prominently, which was straight on my face to understand. But the sidewalls on the seams to be cut from the panel to be the same as the abrasion marks on the surface of the sand is quite obvious. Strip paint is definitely tired. This is straight across the seam. Must be cut to see.

The heavier the arm is to the left not as good as the
rapids .... as well. The focus is not sharp. But some points are very little.
It is a very swing , the main mole, the limbs. I've got my old one. But it has changed some points to change the proportions of the new plastic grade like the old one that was baked before. The plastic is ABS, but the frame is ABS but not as hard as the ladder. Plastic armor Easy to cut, easy to cut, easy to slice, easy to remove, easy to remove  . Except for the old panels in the Gundam Wing. Is under But the undercard is a headache. Because some points do not have to do it. It makes cutting harder than before.

And like saying that the armor. Plastic grades are easy to cut, cutting edge is easy to cut and chipped. Be careful, for the first thing to say is that this snap-fit ​​system is very frayed, but also good to be specific to the axis of the other axis. Four flat or small holes, no problem. There are only round holes. I would like to cut the artifact shear down the size of about 70-80% to press. Or take a round nose pliers to cut the nets out to me was the part that I cut the dowel. I would like to add red band hone spindle head and eye mask, lip color to hone spindle head armor will not let down the body hole dowel pins to lock you into a round enclosure. Have to slice (forget the band) . What to do instead. The rest pushed down. Press a little hard on the spur. But this is better than slashing.

Some armor points have to be slashed, some points are pressed down the chest . Remove the fin before pressing down the arm, arm, shoulder, stuffed, not squeezed. I need to sharpen the pivot to see the leaves are not pressed down. Have to slide down to the bottom. Then press the top armor to cut or not cut it. If the color line is cut. But if you want to continue the raw line because it is completed if the spur is not tight enough. Put your hands on the seams. And this part is not difficult to press the armrest to sharpen the shrink. At the turning point of the gray piece to pieces, do not accidentally sharpen it. It is a point to move down the knee to sharpen the pivot, but do not press down on the armor, sharpen here, press hard, but press down on the spear slash. Except that point is a three- point handle, but the time to change the need to dismantle. 

Bagley Pac shield striped wedges curve a little to the pivot point Eฉื hard armor shoulder slashed the base do not pivot. Otherwise, it is easy to wear upper armor. The bottom is not cut nor easy. But the top must not slash, not press. This piece of shit is not the point to move to the wing to complete the loop to the joints. But it was easy. Apply glue to the small groove and then go to dry, then go to dry dry, then move to the dog frequently. The pieces are easy to fall apart. Glue a little There is another point. Because of the shoulder armor collision. Glue too well. Here are some of the main shear pivot rarely both. But some points are not to slash or not easy to hit the main try to try to plug before. If it is tight, then slash it.

The main skin of my hair is okay. But this black panel burns a little bit and it's especially clear at the end of the arm, it's very heavy and
swollen too. Some points, such as the jets on the back here are very thin, but some spots look good
plastic armor outside, easy to cut, but easy to cut. Be careful not to slit cleft in the plastic frame, it is not as hard as ABS. The ladder is good, easy to cut, easy to slough, but not soft as soft plastic. But personally, I think the framework is even stronger. Because the weight is the point of shifting into the bone, it must focus on the
point of most shifts. But it will be at the point of moving the tire to get loose. The ankle With the thighs and legs in the legs, move very easily. (This is true)

feelings towards the finish at the Grand ..... Hmm
The design is good, but the wings are great. The sickle is very big. To finish sitting, think for a moment. How do you set up a kite?
It's hard to keep up with it because it's heavy on the top. I need to balance the weight, angle, zoom, some of the waist is down again. If you pull it will move. But it's all down, the skin on the arm is the worst. The main thing is the hair stitches around the seam. This part is in the middle of a stitch, it's hard to crack a middle of a weird. But all the way to the right to my finger, but it is smaller, but I have to go to the groove. Because casting to a single piece. This is just fine. All in different finger pads. But size is smaller. I have to change the handle 3,  but I do not want to dismantle it.

Moving wing wings fold up and down to rotate back to the nail to rotate back to the folding mode, but the aim is to collide, it is very difficult to close it is not so pretty. Jummers on the back swivel to the point of waist stretching waist stretch to increase the shifting point.  But it was very easy to push down to lock up better than the shoulder arm to move the arm around the corner of the body to extend the legs to lift legs bent knees are not perfect because the legs are not enough leg but sucked . Moving around Armor mode is somewhat cluttered, not moving , wrapped around the back of the wing, the body can not move anything. Only the winged armor has moved.

Moving a lot, the base of the wing will fall out because it is very hard to move anything very much. I do not have any problems with the action , the time to spread the nails as well as the beame action beams on the base of your lock at the box in the lock is not locked at all. Need to glue it The base is better. I have to post a lot. Original mode Get your nails and wings together. The armor that is attached to the wing alternately. ฌ Put all the wings together. Need help Will do serive mode But pull the core is torn before the main is to put a large nail substitute small nails. Then it's too tight. Pull then rip It is also good to repair easily. Take a drill drill hand took nothing simple.

But do not mess with the mode. Other origins are better. Who's who of it? No matter how big a small hole, it is tight to the sheep. It does not have to expand a little hole Review Translate: - Box is not very big in the manner typical MG - panel in the crowded crowd was not too much - I better call the water with foil sticker. Sticker is good, but not sticky. Long out of course - the panel is ABS with a rubber springs - plastic body outside. Easy to cut, easy to cut. It's like a machinist's camp, or MC's and Mo's chinese new age. - The frame is ABS, but the grade is not very solid. Seeing that the same grade as the old D-Hell of the MoM does not solidify the style of the freeze -jumbo tire .... Jumbo tire - the skin with the main image. What The main problem is the black panel.

- The black panel looks nice on the panel, it feels not much. But cut from the panel to see. Straight seams, mold joints. I see a lot of abrasions. If you do not see it, do not know it.
- Heavy heavy arm with heavy targets, the rest enough to scratch the abrasion. But at this point it's really hard. The rest will be irregularly polished. But the overall grade fell from the preceding
- Detailing okay some blurring, but the show is not a problem, I'm okay
- the urge said cutting spurs so much 
- Jamshedpur gate just barely. Every point Some of the unlikely things to do are to do it.
- The panel in the old frame with a new frame. The main structure is the Wing MG
. The plastic is tight. Not tight or loose
- but the point of using a tire. Personally, I'm a little loose. Personally, I compressed ankle
- thigh glue, per finish, eating up a lot of space because of sickle and wings.
- Spread the wings on it will be heavy. If the weight is not easy to fall
- the wings are full of hands ... - Move very pull to the base of the wing will gradually drop a little.
Keep pressing back
- the bounce off easily. There is a side to his skirt because the wind to the waist. If a little bit of leverage. He likes to collide with the wing of the chest
- Jammer on the back is easy to fall.
- The finger is not full. 
- The cuffs of the wrist cuffs are tight, but the color is abrasion of course.
- The fingers are loose. But use the poses stand alone, nothing more
- wrist press to the end. It's a two-stroke lock. At this point, the forearms, if not sliced, are tightly packed. If you cut the spur to the end of the spur, it will like to split. Make your wrist loose
- the wings spread well.
- Nail-wing engine features the switch, but it does not match that took a big chunk put a small pull out the tear but also solve simple hand drill to make the new load
- locks to the base mount it. are Do not think too much glue it.
- Base and action easier than standing. It now stands it hard over the top
- a shield okay, nothing great
- the boundaries have factored armor ankle, forearm, back, head, wings Armored Division shoulder it hit the wing cover will not have to polish it right
- barrier spit, if not do today. Tone no
- nice little odd
plaid - waist pull to increase the angle of movement. But it is easy to replace the Q & the A this SEC the PRO: 1. redesign new look brutal than 2 points, moving well, okay, okay great many tight spots 3. take the wings of container. Change the sickle in many ways. 4. Look great, good wing and sickle.

5. finger, plus a great collection of water
6. The color is quite good,

1. Snap Fitness jobs have been slashed almost in the pivot. It's not difficult but it's a waste of time
. Makes it harder to lose weight.
3. Swing skin is very good. Bad. 
4. Original mode. The core pull pull out, often torn out of course because of the small core and it does not match.
5. Hold the base. The lock is not.
6. Link to the wings with a body that is easy to slip.
7. The point of the tire is a problem, such as loose knees, need to compress the ball. Or thighs do not reach loose But it should be tight.

1. The fingers look a little blanched. But I came to understand one piece
2. Not the Toon / the G1 Accurate
3. Mode ride the air is heavy because the top. I have to put a good weight center.
4. Find hard to handle difficult posture. The thorny wings are so hard to find. But then the easier poses

plastic - 7/10,
the armor off the plastic wrap, easy to cut with the same grade of MC or Mechanicsburg Court. But the parts are bold. As he looks thick, there is nothing broken,
but the frame in the plastic grade is the old size. Plastic frame in the same grade as the old D-Hell of the bob,
but the stairs of the stairs,  but hard ABS resistant to the ladder. But the grade is not as bad as soft plastic. This is enough. Not as hard as a stylist or freckle

skin - 6/10
grade, scattered all over. But overall, the main sand made to the surface. Yellow is very neat Gray outer armor also looks good. The inside is not very much. But black here is very clear that burned.

It's not bad, but it swings some good points, but it's too bad to be objectionable, so there's an arm in front of the target that does not look good. 

- 5/10
Some points to put in place to lose some time to play
together, not straight. But it takes a lot of time. Be careful of the underside.
The plastic is soft and easy to shear cleft cleft

sharpness. - 7/10
Okay. Some points are not sharp. Like straight jamb or back elbow, but most of the front show. It's better than

the joints - 8/10
plastic joints are moving all the way up,
but the parts that use a rubber wedge. To loose a bit of 
glue on the thighs with the
main ankle  .

Gimmick - 10/10, a
lot of good weapons, a lot of points shifting okay, plus every inch.
Mainly it is difficult to find if the base is better. (But the base lock is not locked).

Stability - 7/10
. The thigh is a two component. Makes very shifting The design of the uncle is a bit heavy, the MG Marasai
skirt is easy to fall out of time to bounce off the break. Skirt is easy to fall back. Stick to glue to it. He bounced easily. Because the wing core spindle wing out easy to move the wing to play. Because the wings are very heavy, the bumps will gradually drop from the core. Need to keep pressing the shifting point - 8/10 waist pull to the back. But pull it out easily. The lack of just sliding the leg down to lift the leg more, the old MG will not have a wrist lock. But there is a back wrist to be considered ok wings wing axis is likely to move a bit, but now let's catch the action is difficult enough. 

Mainly if the legs move to complete
design - 9/10 I
do not like the tongue a bit thick, the rest okay. Then i like people
If tons of old fashioned but moving with it, I like it too.

Split - 8/10
split mid armor, knees, arms, heads, arms, wings, which are much the same. Straight arm, feet, understand this. Separate pieces to fit This one agrees. But, okay, good color extravaganza - 10/10 Mini weapon so big that eat the good - 8/10 , but the price was okay Orange 7-8-9 that is the size higher straight. chest Because it stretches the waistband , the frame in the plastic is not as hard as the stairs. Actually, the ABS plastic of the ladder is really good grade. To dan or mmo It is not hard to bake.

The advantage of moo is that it's softer. It's easier to cut. Someone who likes new frames of soft plastic ladder would like to. But from where I took the old size, I found that it was going to be a long time. But the frame in it is still good. This is very impressive. Wrong with this post-transition plastic grade. Or the latest Omega plastic to the plastic in the ABS joints are so good that the present can not fight, but of course, it is more difficult. Because it is tighter, but I personally see the frame in it is a load point. It's a shifting point. It is the bone of the mo. High rigidity plastic grade It means better quality. SEED REmaster, it was during the Golden Age of the MG with 1/100 other that I felt burned. The skin does not let go. Especially the arm, if it compares better, I'm better than Strike Noir, but the skin is worse than Strike Noir.

Take a short look, the design is good, good proportions, pretty good. I personally disagree with the red tongue. View larger triangle to a bit. But it's okay because it's okay overall. Design work done well. But grade quality is quite fall. It's time to slash 70% of the forehead with the skin on the front. But the sidewalls are straight across the seams, a lot of pressure. This means that the mold body is not polished to the surface as it should. Cause a lot of abrasions. Take it straight to burn it. Separation of design is the same. But the time to polish the mold. It's a bad time to be a mom. Personally, I used to brush up the mold and then retreat to sell better. The benefits to the public more. If anyone over the Mo China. No problem Because just slash the spur, nothing much, but the color line. This is a long time. If i remove it ne

I personally compare the size and price, I still okay if you like the design with the 1/100 line, but I'm concerned about the skin, and the advantages of the move is also a lot of great features with great. If you like the grandiose wings, overpower weapons. I like this line. Out of it all. Price is still not more expensive than HG, but the grade is still complaining. But the face if worse than this, it would not be then. Now there are more new camps popping up. But the grade itself is OK, this is bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH_lKslKzH0