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Review Mendetail Daban PG Astray Red Frame

Source : http://www.thaigundam.com/forum/index.php?topic=34515.0 - This is a private opinion only. It's just one opinion. Do not believe anything Should find other reviews for the decision. - This is just a review. Do not encourage the use of copyright infringement. - Happy New Year, A Gundam Astray the Red Frame 1/60 the Perfect the Grade Daban Model & an Arm in Tactical 1/60 the M3 Model Click to enlarge box included with the package made it worse Bernardino. The lock is not as good as the lock. Dio look more firmly, open the check panel, including OK sticker to stick a clear sticker. Not good water collection First lot with steel sword. The plastic sword does not have a watermark like a genuine skin and good.

Mostly in good standing. I think that comes with the sharp edge of the hand that is genuine. I think that the sharpness of the ridge is about 90%
. Some scars There are some molds. Most of the skin is usually scratched, the more the black. By the Chinese The size of the pieces is also clear. Also known as a fur seal attached, but the overall is OK. Most Chinese moons do not hold. The color line is not so big. How do you come to interrupt?

If you look at the first leaf per tee, the spin on the foot. First came the temples. That is very tight. The pressure is tight enough but very tight. Morale But until the end, both will understand that. The size of the press is a few difficulties. Many points fit But I'm tired. And pain in the fingers, sure enough to squeeze the size of the slash. First spine Black Shovel # 3 Clavical 7-point calf revolve two-thirds left Armor easy, no problem
, stuffed like a knot, legs are stuffed very hard, but bear the pressure. For a
shovel, silver-plated shovel Stuffed hard hit it really hard but fingers swollen stuffed stuffed into it a try, I think everyone is stunned at this point
I cast iron pieces. In the hole is too handsome. Cut the knife out. But the ArtNice knives chopped immediately, the skirt was nothing more stuffed into the joystick, the hard part was just the right fit.

The body is not much of a picture composed of 2 components, but very difficult to press, but less force to punch. Pressing Shock The waist is very tight, but the color is sharp, it does not stick out of the mane. Sharpen a little spur Red piece of the chest final shape The other side is attached to the loose side, glue to the head, nothing more. The bulb pushed to yellow. Replace the green ..... The forehead at the end of the translation is also hollow. Walking light walk a little hard because the leaves are pushed black and white. The overall assembly is not a problem, most arm presses are fine. A little tight on the upper arm. Figure two. With the third press Because Joey stuffed down a very tight spur. It's time to press it because the spur it's shear to the press. At the press of the press here, all the pressures are tight, fingers and feet, but I did not press the button to not go to the Dian.

I have a lot of loose belly, but I'm loose. The plastic sheet supplementary locking the lock to thicken the shape of the two very good results loose loose cramp glue under the shield should not explain much. I know already. Slash The gun is good, no problem with the swords, the shape of a little shot Zig Zag. The moribund of this Mohammed The pipe swivel. Move very loose throughout. Just like the old Chinese mo ago. Many people who have passed the freeze PG PG is probably enough to remember the thread .... Better than But the same. Glue together fully. What skill to use to break it. Do not move it easily. It's okay with the back of the glue, it's okay. I was so tight Sticker section Put a little to throw away. Also plaster plastic medicine wound closure like that ...

The rubber foot is glued to the foot, some glue leaving the adhesive. Stick around but the last sheep left. He stood barefoot over it ........ in Tactical Arms This opened the box to check the detail is quite okay, good skin is quite okay, have a polished molds as often. But not very ugly The MG's are still baked. But there are a few new connections, such as the handle or hole after the assembly to the right (again) to the sword to cut a slit. Try to press a little to hurry, it is very tight at the edge of the sword to slash it, or not really press the rest okay, no problem. Have a swish sword. In the box left with the handle of the blue frame ........ Do not bite the bullet hole, then stick to the back and not pull out. Do not believe it.

Okay, okay, that's a lot better. Have to slice some points just that. The rest is pressed. But whoever is less, this may be difficult. It is bordered by the finger bruise at all certainly come at all angles , zoom detail Ocrs up tip can also bounce it. I have to glue it to the surface with good Okay good sticker grade. Tactical Arms also bake the MG also with the machine through the extension. Well sharp The Tactic Arm is attached to the box, but the blade is very loose. Pointing out what the pieces in the number and then come to me. Because the leaves are baking again, lazy to solve.

Tactic Arm really stuck in the wrong position. It really has to be another base. Makes the central position of the Tactic Arm it to the back. But this one is stuck behind each other. The center of Tactic Arm is higher than normal. Delta mode, I did not take a very high tip. Do not look so strange to me. As in the picture converted into a delta. It is too high a V mode is not strange to Delta mode. Old backpack is a bit shifting, but worse than the MG or new models. The leg slide mechanism is much more than the MG, but it does not look as interesting as the rotation of the leg is very important. If not fix the lock point here. I do not know how to fall off the ugly.

The seat is not as smooth as the summary. MG out later than the end of the pit, open fire in the eye, armed in the corner boxes, plastic marks collapse, sharp sharp action Bebe Saber with gabra Straight. Some swords with holes in the hand, have swords, swords, no true water marks. Delta mode with some guns to catch it right in the groove. Sword Mode some giant sword across the shoulder blade, very hard to do almost anything without the help shore. The base also helps not to be very heavy, good way to stick to the back of the giant sword mode, no base, hope to lift up. I do not have it. Heavy weight loss throughout the arch mode. Review: PG Red frame Daban

Include some of the points are very tight. Until the shred But really enough to force it. Many points fit Many fingerprints Shocked Shock very hard to the extreme.
I press the fingers together,
but the force is still there. Skin with dermatitis Quite ok Many points look very good, but do not Over rate some of the points do not do well.
By the way, the Chinese 100%, do not go
straight to the press. I do not know because the parts are bent or not.
The light comes in genuine yellow, green, non-
standard, including standard danbang. I did not fall into the MG class, the rocking people do the red frame until the standard falls. If you ever daban It would be good to know how it is. Anyway The short press is simple to press the finger, but the pressure to push the slender force. I do not know how many of the mods are moving to see how the MG move is not.

Both knees bend to the waist MG better than MG because it was later upgraded to the point moved.
But this is a lot more than the MG
, it is PG is not so much to move a lot of
light on the head want to open here to dismantle the head. A little tricky Daban's Disadvantage to Repair Is that locking point shifting The leg moved a little bit and then dropped. Need to remove the plastic sheet to tighten it up. Another really inevitable. Is to solve the joints of the arms with the leg said is to solve all pipe joints, Because Joy. The band is not as good as the band. Moving a lot and dropping out all over the PG. With that great disaster. It's a lot of shit, and it's going to be squeezed.

Really, this problem is less than the free lottery. But moving the laundry is the same. Good way to move I also have to glue the joints. Otherwise move It is often annoying
, especially the leg of the leg, leg lock. Or pivot point Really need repair I do not have a Tactical Arm. Otherwise stick, then immediately fell back stiffness

: 1. Big
2. MG thicker than a muscle to play the
3. Detailing better MG
4. Open Fire
5. MG mechanism than

1. Move the inferior MG. Definitely.
2. Give the sword a book. MG to two books. Review: M3 Tactical arms better than the idea. Technology Extends Here Frequent encounters are Transformers. I've got some catches. I personally feel that the corner is not sharp enough.

This is the same concept is to enlarge the size of the bake and then change the number of times to copy paste to enlarge.
But the impressive sharpness is very nice, it's okay
to assemble a certain point, not stuffed if not really cut. But nothing else. Because it's less comfortable than red frames. In the box, good water collection.
Let's go to the red frame with the price of HG is very good value for money.
There is nothing more like MG, the size of the leaves are also baked. The mole did not bake it. They're back to back with a new hand. But really stupid is the sword mode handle of the very split sword. Can not handle because the handle is short ..... You can not solve the part of the gun with the blue of the bank. If Daban hand with M3 to solve a little blue frame, then the MG design mechanism with the same weaknesses.

After standing in one level Shocked But it must be a little bit. But enough to handle the action has no problem. But I have to transfer weight to
the sword mode, I do not hope to hold it so hard if the base does not hope to put anything
together to do more to make the backpack than because the old PG weakness is behind. It's clear to me. Just enough to get it right now. Back to the open air, and then a little bit of
time to transform it into a sword with the sword it. Because the sword is very large, turn around, watch out for blind eyes, it's very dangerous because it's long sword. If folded height The chance at the end of it will be staggered. Because the radius of rotation is very wide. Another disadvantage is the position behind it is wrong here. Makes the backpack more durable than the MG. The mole needs to change the position of the iron core to solve the same as ever.

Well, I can not believe it, I can not wait to see it! But watch out for your eyes with very dangerous transitions. Do not convert in the eye level strictly. Because it is very long This is really important.

1. The price is very high with HG, but with the knife.
2. It looks better than the skin. The corner is sharp.
3. Need and use for Red Frame. Because it does not have a package for the MG.
4. Get good watercolor.
5. Include better than the idea. Then the frame grade has disappeared. I stand on one level. (If the story of my leg joints loose)

: 1. The skin also has a little sandpaper
2. Position the center after the move to the higher of the MG
3. It was a terrifying fragility MG series as well. Like a crouch to throw, this is very scary (Redframe)

Plastic - Okay, good streak out there, no problem, but QC is like a black panel. Some white spots are attached to the 9/10
assembly. - Press the pressure on the fingers are not pressed and broken in the MG I do not think the sheep do not paint. The power is enough to hit the 9/10 (if the force may be less than 7-8).
Like - never a genuine. But the sharp contrast. But not all at some point. Such as the joints of molds. Or a sword without a pattern. But overall 95% to 95% color separation. If the skin is smooth 9.5 / 10
skin - quite smooth. Bad plastic marks collapse, very clear, black pieces or clear, see the cracks
The point of shifting - losing at the rubber joints really. Many of the rubber joints are very moving. Let's move a lot to go out with legs really well enough to go and better than the freeze. But if it is attached to the arm Tactical. The legs must be really stable. Glue well enough. If you do not stick to the package after the action is not enough to get it 8/10.
Security - usually tight red pieces in the chest easily. At the end of the hat, but not completely closed, but the usual tight 9/10
Option - the first box with steel sword, do not hold it so much, hold it with a shoulder, because it is really hard glue sticker. Sticky to cut off the fit in the eye. I have to cut the stickers to cover the stickers, clear, but also the rubber paste, rubber feet, glue bad foot, but standing barefoot more stable it. But the first lot, iron sword. It's a lot of
money. 8/10 Impressive - Okay. Include everything But ThaJoJo is here to trouble you all 9/10.
Value - Color and separation very difficult. Quality is comparable to the price (genuine 18000 yen) (1/3 of the original), including good play, good 10/10,

including = 9/10 to play the Chinese call it no problem with it. I really need to STR up STR up too much, especially Shining Finger, not press the finger.

The need to fix.
1. Locking system, not the Tactical arm. Moving legs and locking out.
2. Joining system. Rubber swing swipe a lot. Especially the points of arms and legs. Do not move very much. Glue it to

Ripper mode should have a LV3 slice a bit. If you do not force yourself to press. It helps to cut the dowel's it, but I can not suppress a press Bernardino
GIT GUD LV5 tired bruise inch Super
Puzzle solve LV1 cards made numb.
The Glue buster LV6 is absolutely necessary to compress the joints of the limbs. Not often Better than free But it is not wise to move. I do not move the blades anymore. If you purchased a stand still okay maybe
Mogeen mastery LV 3-4 overall, not very hard, but "tired" around the same finger bruise. Compared with the size of the unicorn, including a large team including ..... Hmm well tired about the Joey. The Chinese mooch will be really difficult to free, then it is offline. The red frame is still not resolved. To be better Combination of better than Dio. But the restriction of the mo must be reassuring. It's old If you want to move a lot to play MG better than a lot.

But the PG better than the real. People like big things like it. Mo China is okay with it. The joints are normal. (Re) the model line is said to straighten the color, then I would not suspect it. (But the past contest, I split up, who secretly used Mo China to submit a contest, it sued specifically TT)
The first batch of iron sword is a souvenir ..... A memorial Because it is not very heavy .....

[youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLz2CsN0NZU [/ youtube]