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Review mendetail Daban 1/100 MG The O

Source : http://www.thaigundam.com/forum/index.php?topic=34079.0
- This is a private opinion only. It's just one opinion. Do not believe anything Should find other reviews for the decision.
- This is just a review. Do not support the use of pirated PMX-003 The O 1/100 MG daban price based on the store. Box with handle Slides like all genuine panels are not very much good. The original quality of Daban. Good grit ok, ok. But much like a thick clear sticker toy saber clear but the 4 bubbles QC fantastic panel Rubber authentic detail surface Da Ban Sak little if the lines do not have interrupted her. But I do agree that it's okay, but I do not think so.

The back of the spear is a plastic drift out of it. Ensure tight seams, with some manner Modern China. Many of the points have scratched the surface of a flat surface, one of the two standards that are common to the assembly. The problem is that the eyes are rotating, but I can not rotate the eyes. I have to pile a spigot. Monochrome is a piece of very easy to fall, and hope to find very flickering. This is the only point of this mole that lenses are not stuffed with the back of the need to remove some of the core to put down the head to try to put it really. I need to cut out the spur, not the other side. But behind the assembly. I find it very beautiful.

At first I did not cut the pivot, I wanted to try it, I tried to stuff it and then glue it. I found the good. I have to say. Do not put it Trying out the new slice.
The result is as seen. Break the middle .. I do not want to press. I do not know what to do with it, but I do not know how to use it. The assembly is enough to rotate. The other side of the white skin is very broken, the spine should be sliced ​​to a bit before. If loose, add glue. I have to go half way through the end of the core of the neck stuffed not to cut the core in the *** body has problems in the neck. With the spinner But when stuffed, okay?

Until the left body. Tighten Cut to size. I swing to slash. This is a loose thing to do. This results on the shoulder like a Roy well enough engine stall Pittsburg trying to get under the leaves. I have to pull the body block to pull out the result is very tight, do not break the people who have not opened the pit. I need to sharpen it. Straight chest Armor on the back, there was a problem. Other places can be stuffed into the other arm. The result is that the press is halfway to try to pry, but not prone to pressure, the result is a fracture of the body, the other body is no problem. Just in front The rest is not shredded.

Green piece in the back of the gray piece. I punched the back hole to separate the time to hit it out.
Rear antenna not supercharged. To cut the spur I do not think so. But lazy percent over the previous target slice spur allowance to which is OK, good trunk cut a dowel stick a piece of yellow, this skirt cut spur for prematurely's good arm quick spin to slash the pivot points rotate out a little. Of course, all of the points are forced to break the  short piece of rubber is not stuffed with one side, the other side is not reaching the arm, legs do not cut a tenon. To pile a hole wide instead of every point, the spindle axis for the island, the slices cut to the left axis on the lower lazy sliced ​​to turn the hole instead of ok. The feet must be bent at every point . There are two axes to push the tire to shred 2 in the picture instead of the middle of the course.

I did not cut or pinch my leg. I have stuffed all the same. I do not want to pan like that. But then again, it does not get white. Okay, good
old claw joints. Tight but not good.
The yellow armor is still available. Because stuffed down Yang Yang.
I do not have a month to put it. But I trust first, but gradually cut do not cut it or cut for very gradually the arm to turn the picture , if not shredded assembled, but very tight, do not wish to pry or repairing a message on my armor left arm, right turn spur. same Red pieces are not cut. I like loose, then cut the same spit, armor, cut all the points. Do not expect to be able to leash out the back of the shoulder to loose adhesive joints as usual.

This is like having a problem with the old man in the Chinese moose legs and ankle shifting as a ball. Need to glue to a friction. Do not loose too easily. To some This has missed many points. This is Dhanan's idea of ​​a little tight. I tried to beat it. This is Madan The hope of the Chinese Mohammed is not TT or GHD you think wrong. Press up until your finger is up, you can not press the core of this dan, do not stagger to the spindle, do not go friction. I do not think so. But it's a good move as well, except for the leg to the ankle using Joy's round the back ............... I split this fruit is also a booster too. ........... If not, cut the mast was split pivot here is a detail that's good die assembly here is zooming Detailing side flows off easily. Eu Taek before.

The pit stuck to hit the bar to drop. I stick to the same. I do not know what to do. If it does not solve it, it does not turn very tight , but the gun rifle, but the power as mega runner. Plus continuous shooting with the detail that it was very good but the rallied assembled here from different armor ใl away from lift. To move the shifts are quite limited. The good part of the ankle with the ankle shifts very badly to get it. Moving very often. Do not expect to sit down at the time of moving the slide. But the skirt is covered. It does not have a mechanical arm, a tight fit with the knife. I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do.

I do not know what to do. Use with the back cover. Quite ok The shifts are limited because of the ankle. If it is koto Hide points to move, increase the staggered to move more. Long action gun. Mage level. I have a shot of two hands moving. Beetle on the waist. With the E-pac arm, use the arm to help change the pack. Saber action three swords if the ladder. Saber did not have enough action base, four long sword stairs do not have it. Review: I do not like it. The ladder is not enough. Daban with the people. I like that .......

Very tight, tight, tight. In many places, kiwis would be stuffed. The last thing to find is enough stuffed half way and then hardened. I would have to stroke it. Go to the top of the page Break up the chest. The people who do not press to try to tear the result is to break the sheep to go out a good way to slash the spit out a little here.
I do not have to slash this spit. If you want to do it, do not cut it.
But the points are shifting. Good elbow But the knees are shifting. But what is not?
The point of shifting is that the jigs are loose enough, do not move feet very often
and then glue to the legs. Not at the moment. My legs are falling apart.
Okay, OK. The move is quite okay. Some knees tightened. But overall, get it. But the assembly here. Do not be forced to gradually to gradually see if this is stuffed. This is not to be sliced. But after the cut, do not be afraid.
View user's profile Send private message Do not think to yourself. But it's not sticky. Bending and splitting, bending, not flexing or elastic. But
it's not easy to do. But it must be done gradually. And Forget the Blanchard liberty in the past. Then take one hand at a time. It's just a matter of time before we get to
know each other. The disadvantage is that the foot is very low degrees, it is not very action. I need to fix it.
The eyes are spinning themselves here enough to understand. Zaku 2.0 is not much stuffed. Uncle Sam's ladder with him.
I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do. What's wrong with your uncle? Q & A SEC is back to write a short, simple robots, speeding, focusing on speed + armor, not because of heavy armor. Booster shifted a lot wrong. I use it in gravity, especially in the Jupiter, very sensitive, the weapon is not less. Mega Cannon (Because it's big The gun is big.) Shoot the shot fired continuously with the arm to help change the gun. With a spear of Saber 0 the pros. 1. The more genuine. 2. Sword light 4. 3. Moving tight. 4. Very good . The disadvantage. 1. The assembly is very bad. Slice the whole thing. 2. Joy is pretty bad. Bad shifts are usually from the jay.

3. There are problems at every point until lazy to complain.
4. Sticker color line is not hoping to use it very thick.
5. The original disadvantage of the puppet. The point of shifting is very poor compared to modern times. แต่วิธีแก้พอมีนะ แต่โมเอาเอง


พลาสติก - 8.5/10 ดี สวย เหลาง่าย ขัดง่าย แต่เปราะแบบแปลกๆ
การประกอบ - 6/10 แน่นมาก ทุกจุดต้องมีการแก้ไขไม่งั้นต่อไม่ใหว
ความเหมือน - 9.5 / 10 It's already open.
Skin - 8.5 / 10 Many good points, but some parts are shabby.
Moving - 8/10 Fast, dead, straight. Foot, ankle and legs.
Stability - 9.5 / 10 0.5.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea. But not over But I do not know why. Do you have a 555?
Value - 10/10 price 1/3 to 1/4 of the genuine ........ that the original Japanese discounted at a discount of 40-50%. Amazon has been reduced to 50%, but the value. Purchasing Dionne 0.4 again.

The skill should have a
Ripper mode LV10 + you have to cut the whole shear before you talk then it is good.
GIT GUD LV5 to calm down enough to break it (break 50%).
Puzzle solve LV3 No need to solve any problems.
Glue buster LV3 Glue binder straight leg ankle joints just like this
Mogeen mastery LV 5-6 tired Suitable for Chinese business level. If you have not been through Mo China. It's like playing dark souls ...... Death every where ..... with size 1/100 scales with the same boss.

Nightingale is the biggest line of RE1 / 100, the rest is pretty much. The Red Birds do the same proportion of the same ....... If you do not like it, do not worry. Three Chinese buys to play. But be careful. Do not think that it is DANBAN, then it will be easy to come to. [youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNNeDBEyL7U [/ youtube]