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Review Mendetail Daban MG Jesta Cannon

Source : http://www.thaigundam.com/forum/index.php?topic=42633.0
- This review is just a hobby, it may be forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, some points may be used. Personal opinion Each hand is not equal. Each feeling and perspective is not the same. Well, do not believe in anything
- there is nothing wrong with solving or solving information or adding information will be highly appreciated
- do not encourage the players to bake it. Just a review to let you know what the condition is. What's the difference? Or worse, just give the Jesta Cannon 1/100 the MG the KO Daban price as the store -in-box panel is very crowded. Tight pick up to check the panel and close the back almost all panels are good. LED Panel Unit, clear, no air bubbles, panels, click to enlarge.


The rest of the
gun is almost complete, but a little part. Can not do another cylinder Assembly problem Now it is a single point. Is a bullet pack It's like a long spur. Hit and miss There is nothing left but there is a backpack, a gun, a backpack and a back pocket. Because the spur is very tight. The pivot point is slightly loose, glueing helps . In fact, the use of PC tires to straighten the ball on the waist and ankle. Glue is good Not very loose But it is better than the LED, but it is green. The hand of the back of the arm makes the wrist lock, the advantage is that the time is very moving. The core of the wrist will not fall off. Genuine items will often fall out, so simple MG until the latter to make a barrier to this. But the disadvantage is that the wrist can not move.

Of course I was the first generation. But look at the cannon of China. It is an old back plate. Not sure if DaBan made it? But because of the barrier added. Time to put it wrist. Make stuffed Make the wrist easy. The solution is to slice the letter to thin down. Or put a piece of gray in the middle of it, it was easy to compare the real artificial genuine I am a normal Jessie. Cannon gives a regular version of the part. But the color is not straight. There are some gray armor, some of the main points, and the rest of the line is distorted. It will be at the mouth of the mouth. The rest is OK. Well, the Ravens are full. But the thickness is deep to be strange. But the whole sector does not come to the crime, not straight out. Personal sharpness to 90-95% depending on the skin surface is quite good, the skin is a little wave skin. But to finish it is ok enough.

There is a hand that moves every inch. The seams and fins are much higher than the real ones. But the work done okay, no jam. Not broken and Mokoko's The same color Very rough surface with a rifle point. The number of sandpaper 600 is dragging the way. But that's enough, okay plastic armor off to PS Like I personally think that grades very close split it out, but the panel ABS of the ladder is harder than this isolated canyon Bannon assembles various parts Detailing the action attached to the Review. : Unpack the box: - The box is compressed a little bit. - The box is closed. No stairs of a half - I think. The box is squeezed a bit. According to the panel, there are a lot of pieces to scratch a bit - plus a good call with LED light bulb, but the pressure is green.

- quality lighting system ................ Miserable Do not expect much It's very slippery. Tighten the nut over the fire itself. Non-stick
plastic loose :
- Plastic is PS with ABS
- PS close to genuine I feel the same way. The size of the gate is the same
- but the ABS is not as hard as it is genuine.
- The medium tire is a bit thicker, but the ball is more comfortable. Not to loose But it's not tight (Tight enough so genuine, but I do not have a tight my)
- skin, most of the orange skin is not rough, it is not perfectly smooth
- the slick, but most pc's are rugged, hard few pieces. There is a strange rifle on the shoulder. The number of sandpaper no. 600 is dragged
- is very authentic. Except for a slightly lighter frame
- more seams than real ones
- the clear color is not clear.
- Come on, but the Royretts, depending on the point.
- Some points are square. Maybe not square. Like squares on the skirt But it's not ugly
- some points like Canon's tail make it very sharp.
- Well, the skirt at the skirt. It's not that sharp
- Fine, the guns are OK, they are very tough
- the worst is. Vents in the mouth Called the Lowcountry
- inch works well, but usually okay with finned seams are very thick (much)
- the total is not very good. I do not play Mo China 100% of the original (but still not true), but it is probably the best of Daban. Personally, that's better than a gold horse. The Ravens will look a little bit.
- The total I give 90-95% (except the mouth to 80 enough), depending on the point.   
- The sharp corners are not genuine. But if you spray paint over, it will almost indistinguishable. Do not look straight at the cheeks. Continuation
- There is nothing more easy than the PG horse press is not difficult.
- There is a direct gun backpack at the shoulder light gray arm. Cut the spur away a bit better. Because it is tight
- the fit than genuine. Principles as mentioned above. But the total is just a piece of that, that should be tight to the sheep hard.
- The main problem is two points: bullet packs with wrists.
- The wrist with wrist strap added. But Daban would put it himself. Time to embrace the arm, it bounces often because it is stuffed down to the bottom.
- Will solve by cutting the wrist. Or put the wristband at all. But I do not recommend cutting the pads that come with it. Because genuine wrist is very sensitive.
- Another point was bullet packs. Like the axis will be long To blemish Quickly cut a tenon
- Tight than genuine (which is normal). Because the process is baked, it is tighter, it's easier to loose.)
- But no straight. It's not the level you pick up, it's the whole mess
- it's a bit loose at the spindle. Glue is better. But the weight of guns. This is a real tight spot
- ankle joints with a waist ball. Glue is good. Because of the waist, it rotates to attach the armor to the skirt. The tighter the waist is, the tighter the ankles are, the better the
tails are. - The fins and seams are very thick. But the strength is okay to use. But I do not want to be in a bad situation at work. Hard work.
- Eyes are not clear, but not ugly.
- Some points like holes in the skirt look a little more genuine. But put the watch out of it
- pieces of Swords transparent management of the air past
- a pilot Detailing okay good
- seams thicker than me, except for seldom do
- but LED lights, but green. The power system as mentioned
- Make a regular Jessie. But the color is not black and gray with some points.
- The gun is almost full gun, but not complete lack of a little bit.
- The panel is not used. Cut a little bit of pieces. Of course, those who do not use those should be worth the price already
- convert the backpack to Jessica is very difficult. Because it is better to dismantle it
. Because the gray skirt added to the cannon skeleton will go to the waist
- if it moves, waist and leg lift. The gray pieces at the waist have a tendency to fall off very often.
- Changed each Jessie. Not fun Because of the many changes.
- Make regular Jessie. But at some point, the color is light gray
, the good:
- 4-5 times cheaper than genuine
- genuine rare because online is a short 

of plastic: 9 PS is as pure white as well, but ABS. Less than genuine Both colors and hardness
: 9 Total good ok, but broken hard at the vent at the head because hard to resolve
sharpness: 9.5 sharp but not genuine but not genuine but
skin: 8.5. Very good but not all If I'm full, I'm full. I have a point where the package pack is too tight until the piece is welded.
Assembly: 9.5. Continued with little problems.
Joints: 9.5 loose just a little. But the tight combination is good.
Persistence: 9.5 There is only a waistline with a gray skirt. Because the armor is added. It barely moved its waist and lower leg. Movement will be broken.
Quality: 8.5 Bulb to come to the wrong color. With the air vent on the head, unfortunately (because it is difficult to solve), the pack is too crowded to make a bad impression. Inch works well, but the seams are very thick fins
Review: 10 4-5 times cheaper if you order now,

the 92% 
is okay, but unfortunately at the vents on the cheek. Because it is difficult to restore. I have a lot of stitches,
but I
do not know how to do
it. It is best to compress the ball at the waist. The foot pedal was perfect, and
the price was still HG bought to do it.  Cannon parts can be genuine.
But the color line will completely solve the gap in the mouth will be difficult. [youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzh_kyMp55U [/ youtube]