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Review Mendetail Daban MG 1/100 Buster Gundam

Source : http://www.thaigundam.com/forum/index.php?topic=32105.msg233020#msg233020
- This is a private opinion only. It's just one opinion. Do not believe anything Should find other reviews for the decision. - This is just a review.
Do not support the use of pirated 1/100 MG Buster Gundam Daban price based on the shop inside the SEED edition is not much less Sticker provided Clear Stickers funny and like a thick skin, as well Okay, well, I see nothing particularly ugly skin looks better than the previous Blitz enough. It is considered to keep the job well , not very noticeable sharp not see it. But I do not compare with the actual one I hit 720 p ................ Broken it all  skin smooth. But not to the ladder.

The hard part is that it works pretty well. Okay .. ummm .. The edges are a little blurry. Goodness of Misaki, the piece is clear, but a little white ...... The small piece can not see the pilot is quite good. One thing that I want to complain about. There is a dark streak in the plastic. Notice the fading spots like fungus. Understand that the plastic injection machine is not good. Not sure if it's a lot or not. One lucky man survived. For assembly Mostly, there are problems. Continue to But the stuffed ones are very tight here. Stuffed until white Guaranteed tightness Stuffed until white

The point of moving some points, such as knees and elbows, is so tight that it makes it hard to move. Tight to fit But the nemesis is the point of shifting the top push. But the bottom is very tight. Makes them two strokes, it is similar to a single stroke. Because it is very tight. Against the raw face straight. Assembling must agree to do very well. The difficulty is that the problem is not so much that in some tight little side back after missing the upright front section meets the eye to rest on the tracks. But not as bad as Blade Gundam. Fortunately, this point is that this face is covered with a lot of armor. I do not look so ugly. My eyes are not sticker. Let's face it, the story is quite nice, okay. It is called baked quite completely. Except for the ones that are attached to the seams.

Well, some stitches disappear very clearly. Now look at the next leaf and look at the piece. How can it go? But overall okay. Not so bad
It is quite impressive, the legs and feet are still the same. As told The pieces are straight at the seams. Will make grade fall Fair But they do stuff stuffed back to do almost every point. In the box there are two panels with black markings. If you do not notice near, then look hard. This is probably the moon. Good to collect good. The head is not close together. I have the smudges along the edge of the gun pretty good Okay good point other good mainstream I do that well. The skin is okay. Maybe it will not work out how to reverse it? How did it last? How to use the Uncle Bun How can it be impossible to steal 3D data?

Mo China's hard point is that the seams in the seam,
the sharpness of the ridge is a bit clear. But the sum is not so bad. Compared to the old moogles Or previous job is much better then the new Gundam Da Band did not continue. I do not know if the quality is better or worse than the shifting of the stairs except that the lower shifting point With the knee below it is very tight. Until moving time, if the point of shifting does not rotate, almost no need to move the bottom. Tightly packed The point of shifting weakness is still knee-like. Can not separate legs. Joy is too bad. The bones of the bones are very easy to fall off the feet, fingers, hands, sitting , mazes open normally. Enough to start a gun action Because of the rotation of the gun core, the skirt is very tight. Pull each gun The skirt is very easy. Tight tight not see the white itself.

Because of the rotation at the hidden axis, it does not rotate easily. Each time it moves, it drops to the point of the skirt lock to the waist. Cause severe stress. Back at this point to break it. What if I bought a polishing spindle at the turning point to the white piece, here is a little loose. Otherwise, if the moving point does not move, it will fall into place. It is weak structure. A move that is contrary to rotate very loose Miso action long guns were guns on each other. Gun mode against each other. If the foot is not good, it can fall easily. Which as told The point of this shift must be slightly loose. No chance to break it. Because this piece of rubber, it is a (broken) on the repair was not glued.

Remove the glue, powder, or epoxy. Because this is a V shape it is broken easily. If sliced, let loose. With this full compression, think not to break it. The long action base. Review: Including the complaining to me. All good things are OK. Quite good Open the box, check the pieces, feel very good. But when I started to check. Things that Chinese people are hard to do is the ladies on the seam. Both the skin and the makeup will blur over another point. Because it is very difficult. A matter of sharpness I have a little bit of it. But not much. Skin with black spots. Comes in white meat. Understand that the plastic injection machine can not be cleaned. There are new tracks emerging.

The whole assembly is considered very well done. Almost forgotten old-fashioned moo. Composition is very different, except that some points in the joints are quite tight, hard to compress, and a white mark is attached to each other. That's enough to finish it. It is very tight joints. (But the point of using the center). Phyllis becomes a single stroke instead. Because the rotation is tight. Makes it easy to move two strokes, for example, the legs are easier to rotate. But the bottom pivot is very tight, making the posture rocking hard weight. Joy is quite a bit too bad. The bone-lock / ball-locking locks do not come off easily. The ankle with a finger off this routine. As soon as I see the point of shifting hard at the point where the ABS is easy to fall into. The worst point is at the waist.

Because the hidden axis Very tight to rotate The strength to come to the assembly at the waist to break it. If not, the white mark is broken. Anyway, I have to cut the turning point, it's easy to rotate, not high But the whole sector is baked well. A little problem But overall better than Blizz. If it is compared with genuine. It is still far enough. But not much Depending on the extent of the individual's reception. For me ok I do not have any problems with it. If the Chinese moi this is a very good job. But watch out for the armor on the waist.
The rest should be nothing more. Plastic score - with dark skin with the skin. But the rest okay. Easy to cut, no problem. 9.5 / 10 skin - including a good job, but not good, but it is considered good. 9/10 assembly - very easy 10/10

Stable - very tight, no easy to fall apart. No need for glue In addition to repair the broken skirt. With glue ball bones that put the ball. Because it's not so much to lock it. The easiest part is the stuffed stuff like a wrist, ankle, ankle, jaw, jaw, enough nets should be 9/10,
move - tight, tight, tight, hard to move 9/10
impression - total Okay, it's okay to get it. Does not stand out But nothing to blame. Buy it But be careful with 9/10 deduct
the value - priced at 40% of the original total of 9/10 has been included = 92% is quite good, many spots may still hold out or not, but if compared to the end of the level. Mo China Quality is very good. But it's hard to keep. This is good. Be careful with the skirt. The point to move a little bit.

But overall, it is better than the old job as Blizzard. Quite a lot better. If compared with the new here I do not know. [youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDjFpNDPLZU [/ youtube]