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Review Mendetail Daban MG 1/100 Blitz Gundam

[REVIEW] Daban MG Blitz Gundam attack in the dark

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Has been through the color and light adjustment. Colors may be distorted from the real thing. It also depends on the monitor as well. Incidentally, this review is for personal opinions only. Hello all This time I brought Daban's Chinese bride reviews.

   To tell the truth, it was Chinese who decided not to be really damned or to
be good. Read the review offline.

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Open the guide box, there are as seen. Really have a wire, but forget the stickers, seal the seal, dry, check the panel , it is the best work in the Mo (But some jobs are bad). The contrast is comparable to the 720P HD movie, but at some point with fine detail. It is a little blurry, the angle of the corner is also blurred the sharp edge of the stairs. Also, Uncle Bun is still over.

Surface smoothness It is in good taste. Beautiful smooth I do not like it or hurt like a TT camp with Moko work pieces are some kind of plaque is normal.
The pilot did not see much in this work. This one must say the same as my brother. So easy The Chinese are the easiest to ever have it. I will continue to work on this. I continue to Toguchi 3 Momo to get upset, the band will throw away at all. After that, X1 Uncle Bun to Britz Filling is no different , but comfortable, but there are some minor problems. Some points are difficult. Knee knee piece With chest armor My hair is a little hard to brush. Outside the chill is that it is, but the need to cut some.

Do not be embarrassed. (But this is my normal job )    like the red armor. If it is genuine, the most stuffed time will always be with a piece of armor. But if it is dan There are some but enough forgiveness. Because it is not easy. If it was 2 years ago, it was easy. In front of page Admit that they do very well. There are some points distorted by the poor casting. I need to plug in the plug. It solved the problem filed. Splitting This one is a problem because it is very easy. In the crook of the head is another point I want to remind the point. Quite difficult. And the armor of the knee is very easy to fall for the weapon, it is easy to solve as well. The work piece after the completion and try to move.

Overall, quite impressive than Toggle 3 of Moko Blue with the abyss. Both in good   The sharpness of the work piece 
combined and out much higher. It may be because the rush to spin the work before the Chinese New Year break. I have a white and then out of the work
in the joints, I do not know how to curse or to watch because "so much to move a little" about forgetting the fear of joints to loose 
ABS. Fit so that the point of the booster to paralysis. I can only move up and down if I move left when I was broken because it was gone.
I need to repair the

Pics Zone Pics Zone zoom

angle detail. Action slightly. (Because of shifting difficulty) concluded that this was not my conclusion.

It's easy to be comfortable, but it's hard to do. As told   Especially at the shifting points,
it is tight enough to make the color may break. I do not know how to sum up because I play. Filled up to almost all. Exhale the real players. Come on, it's not emotional.
China is a major player Oฒ would scream (?), A line that has


1. casting (dents, stains, lime, excess, not cast) 10/10: pass it to
2 against (. 8/10: Solve the above points.
3. Roy (distance, distance) 9/10: Distance to some point 
4. Joints (loose) 10/10: tight Tight life irony I complain that loose. Elder Dabon (sarcastically)
5. The texture and color of plastic (Press fog up too easily) 7/10: ABS tight little outside through
6. sharpness (sharp plastic edges, eh, eh clear pattern) 8/10: the P 720
7. Looks 9/10. Okay
8. Good call, sticker (give it a try) 9/10: Looks like a good price.
9. Like (think close to genuine) 8/10: 100 meters casting
10. Value 10/10: The price is genuine, about half, okay, 

total 88/100 A

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