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Review Hongli Dynames

Source : http://hyperweaponhobby.blogspot.com/2018/02/hg-1144-dynames-tt-hongli-gao-gao.html

Say hello to Mr. Dynames, or technically, what in the Japanese anime would call, "Dee-Na-Mees". An awesome Gundam that can shoot stuff with its long-distance-sniper-rifle. (Do you know what's the difference between a rifle and a gun? Well... one is for shooting and one is for fun XD). It is the second kit from the series line of "Mr. Exia! and his Awesome Friends" (and Yes they're Knock-offs) which I have started with Captain Kyrios. So lock-on to your stratos ball-socket and let's see what this knock-off kit is all about. 

I. Introduction

What is up guys! How y'all doin? Here I am again with another Gundam crap. And by crap, indeed its a bootleg of a 00 HG 1/144 line particularly, the GN-002 Gundam Dynames. As the title of the post suggest, it is a TT Hongli/ Gaogao brand (believed me, they have copied lots of these 00 HG 1/144 kits from Bandai and selling it at a very cheap price but of course, the overall quality is inferior as well). So if your on a tight budget to buy the original or just wanted to experiment or customized something or wanted to test your painting skills or any other means that you wanted to do with a Gundam Kit then this is the kit for you, otherwise, by all means, get the Bandai one and stop reading this. Moving on, let's take a look what this kit has to offer and to begin this journey, see the boxart below.

II. The Runners

Of course, at this point, I already knew that TT Hongli exactly copied/pirated what the original Bandai content has or at least for these kits (if the Bandai kit has no free base stand, so does Hongli's) and right now, let's check out  the content of this crap shall we.  

Lots of white parts here

A glossy dark military green

polycaps and a rubberr thingy

Yay a free base stand. 

this is pure crap and why am I not surprise. I rarely use this anyways

Aside from the printed manual which I never really show on most of my posts, these are all the content of this box. I gotta say, the plastic suck-balls compared with the HG 1/144 Kyrios. It's cheap looking glossy-crap but hey it's a cheap knock-off kit anyway. However, as I said, the TT Hongli 1/144 Kyrios is about the same price as this one but its plastic is pretty decent. Oh well, moving on, lets build this damn thing.

III. Building

Cool, you can slide its V-fin

I've painted already the clear parts with fluorescent red cuz I think it will suit the majority of its green parts

Alright, about building this kit, it suffers from a lot of fitting issues (about 90%), there are flashes everywhere, polycaps and pegs are weak and may break easily, some joints are either tight or loose and you need to do lots of sanding and adjustments for it to just stand properly and of course details on the plastic parts are hardly there but it is still there, however, since I have been used to bootlegs at this point now,  subjectively speaking, its pretty normal and I didn't find any major flaw with it, it's a good knock-off kit XD.   

IV. Out of the Box Build

So this is what this thing looks like upon straight out-of-the-box build when no stickers and other details are applied. As I said, before, I prefer the plastic quality of the TT Hongli 1/144 Kyrios but the color separation of this thing ain't half bad (credits to Bandai for that). There are still some missing colors here and there though, but you always have the crappy stickers to make up for it or paint the damn thing. Here you go, enjoy the straight-build.



Dyna Aim!

Alright! now that all the straight-building showcasing of this crap has been dealt with, it's time to put some little effort in detailing this thing. A little painting here and there and let us see how it would look.   

V. Painted Preview

Honestly, I wanted to repaint and do other stuff with the whole damn thing but unfortunately, I have too much kit to cover as of this writing and time and motivation is not cooperating well with me. Instead, I just did some little detailing and painting and called it a day. Anyways, here's the painted preview and hoped you liked it. 

This kit only has a sniper rifle for its accessory but I have seen a holster and pistols on its 1/100 counterpart. Another disappointment is just like with Kyrios, it has a 2 beam handles but sadly, no beam saber effect included. If you had purchased an HG 1/144 Virtue/ Nadleeh, you could use the beam saber effect included with those kits for this Gundam. We'll see it later, but for now, check out the before and after comparison.

VI. Before and After Comparison

Okay so here is the out of the box build compared to what I have done on detailing it  and truth to be told, I'm kinda satisfied with it (I was itching to do some battle damage experiment like bullet holes scratches and stuff on the wing-shield but my personal preference thought that a clean-look suits this kit better).

Aside from the matte-look of the painted build and some other details, there's not much difference from how it originally looks (I hoped I could spam this with lots of decals but there are some certain limitation of what a custom made decals can do). Anyways, if you have liked what I've done with it then here are more photos of Mr. Dee-na-mees

VII. Photoshoot

Let's try the bare-look approach if it suit this guy. Some Gundams can initially pose well even without their accessories but let's see if that's the case with this one.

I'm ready. Let's go

Im'ma punch you

Here I come

DYNA - PUNCH!........... No?
Okay so that's not workable or I just suck a martial art pose. Let us try another approach, this time its the Beam-Saber-Slashing Dee-na-mees

I've borrowed the beam saber effect from Nadleeh

Finally! I'm a dual wielding saber slashing DYNA-Awesomeness

Check out my beam saber

Imma slash you... DYNA-SLASH


I'm DYNAMES! My thigh says so

Well, beam-saber-slashing Dynames is not so bad after all. But again, with this kit, I think even with the Bandai one, does not include the beam saber effect part. I've borrowed the beam saber effect from HG 1/144 Nadleeh whom I'm gonna showcase as well anytime soon (and yes it's a knock-off too). Anywho, let's check out its main feature, Dee-na-mees Sniping Gundam.

There you go, elevated flying-and-grounded-sniping Dynames is simply the best poses for this kit. I love how this guy can do those basic sniping pose despite it only has a somehow-decent to limited articulations. Anywho hoped you guys have enjoyed this post and my final verdict is as follows.

VIII. Final Verdict

Same as many other bootleg kits made by TT Hongli, the experience is almost the same as with thisoe. It's fun building it if you know what you're doing and might upset and might induce rage-quitting for others if their preference are only within the scope of Bandai and other scale standards. Here is my overall verdict for this kit based on my personal experience with it.

Plastic Quality                 
Decent is what I would call for something like with the TT Hongli HG 1/144 Kyrios kit, but this one is in the range of below-decent to almost-like-a-piece-of-crap-that-suck-balls-so-much level

If you'll compare it to modern HG kits then it's very sucky and limited but It may have been a very innovative design during its time that was almost an articulated improvement from a No-Grade 1/144 kit 

Color Separation      
It's quite good if I do say so (credits goes to Bandai for this one), or at least, it's better than the HG 1/144 Kyrios. There are still some missing colors here and there but on a straight build point of view, it is still  quite good

Building Difficulty    
Long Answer: I bet the Bandai version of this is easy as fuck but as for this bootleg crap then.... Again, if your used to bootleg kits then it's a cakewalk but to those who have only build Bandai's then, you'll throw this kit after you have smeared it with gasoline and set it on fire even before finishing it and call it a day. 

Short Answer: 90% fitting issues

Sticker Quality
It's Hongli sticker, then it's crap

Painting Difficulty       
Moderate I guess! you don't have to repaint all of it but there are some that really needs to be painted.  Use this kit to practice your hand-brushing skills.

Alrightttttyyyy, that's a wrap for the second Gundam of the "Mr. Exia! and his Awesome Friends" (and Yes they're Knock-offs). I assure you guys that there will be more to come and only here at your favorite Gundam Hyperweapon Hobby blogsite. Tune in next time for whatever crap Im'ma about to showcase next. Only on Same Hyper time, same Hyper Channel. Peace out 


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