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Review Dragon Momoko Tallgeese 3

Hello, this is my first post. This review I wrote in my personal blog. Let's get down to friends in thaigundam to watch

http://aiaoun-gundam.blogspot.com/2014/05/review-oz00ms-tallgeeseiii-1100-mg.html Get to know the Tallgeese III slightly. OZ00-MS3 Tallgeese III first appeared in the OVA segment of the Gundam Wing. When the army of Marie Meir declared war on the world, Tallgeese III was brought out. Mobil suit styles remain the same, as TallgeeseI and Tallgeese II will add up. It is a weapon and some armor added to the cockpit is a Cursed Murs or Milwaukee Firecrackers.

Tallgeese I would like to review the following is a 1/100 MG MOMOGO, also known as "Mo China". Another Chinese brand that is a pair of DaBan. And with Tallgeese III, there is no version of Daban, so I bought MOMOGO. I do not have any coloring, stickers, stick or spray clear for any

Tallgeese III (Momogo) This confession is that I'm not very impressed. Compared to the Tallgeese I, it's a little disappointing.

  Right in Tallgeese III, a large beige cannon is placed on the right shoulder. Originally to install the Dobberco to increase the destructive power left of Tallgeese III, install the shield on the left and install it. High heat clusters like the Gundam GP.

Behind Tallgeese III, there is a large proboscis. High power To compensate for the extra thickness of the armor, it can be seen that the plastic pieces do not work together. This is a bug. Backpackers on the back can be separated. To use large booster

The main propulsion of the Tallgeese III, just like the Tallgeese I, is

a long-range weapon of the Tallgeese III, which is a high- powered beige cannon. The Gundam Wing Zero Twin Beam

Gun is a separate gun. To expand the shooting power. Honey Bean Cinnamon Can pull the tip out. When pulling out, then slide the barrel up and down. The gun can be seen separately.

Tallgeese III shield on the side, mounted on two beams and installed high heat. In the box will give the orange clan, but I can not crook, the clan can be the most flexible and bent. Every move is independent of each other.

When disarmed, it is said that Tallgeese III is still the same style of the Tallgeese I and Tallgeese II, almost entirely changed only the color of the armor and the head only

Tallgeese III can remove the mask as well. The two previously
revealed the same camera as Leo

Cockcroft can turn out. And according to information I know Tallgeese III will install a gun on the head. But I did not find that. Where is it The disadvantage of the Tallgeese III is that it can not stand firmly. The ankle range is not as good as it should be. The weight is not good compared to Daban it.

Directly say that Momogo is inferior to this point, and there is also a high beta-carotene. The weight was so bad that I lost my balance, so I tried to get you to stand up and carry a gun, which was very difficult.
Overall, I was not impressed with the Tallgeese III . But the system of joints, shifts and weight balance is not considered satisfactory. If you compare Tallgeese I (Daban), it must be said that Tallgeese I (Daban) is better than enough to try to catch two to stand together. Notice how Tallgeese I (Daban) stands firmly, but the Tallgeese III (Momogo) is not as stable as it should be. If you buy it to show it can be. But I will take the haircut, it should be a month to crave it, I bought the Tallgeese III (Momogo) from the steel bridge for 600 baht.

If anyone would try to buy a used car should reflect on the good.

OZ00MS Tallgeese 1 / 100 MG (DABAN) another one