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Review Mendetail Dragon Momoko Strike Noir Ver. RM

Source : http://www.thaigundam.com/forum/index.php?topic=41701.msg265224#msg265224
- This review is for a hobby only, it may be forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, some may have. Use personal comments. Each hand is not equal. Each feeling and perspective is not the same. Well, do not believe anything
- there is nothing wrong, dissatisfaction, or solving information or adding information will be highly appreciated. GAT-X105E + AQM / E-X09S "Strike Noir" 1/100 MG? Dragon Momoko Price according to the shop inside the box around this do not get the whole panel as well as the pack to pack multiple panels per 1 bag. Good call to good water collection. With frick sticker Sticky glue stick OK for the panel is almost completely reworked. There is only a panel in the Strike, just three panels outside it, then re-done.

The finger pads move every inch. Which is not real Around here Twisted and the base of the broken finger. Texture and texture Click to see bigger picture, the overall skin worse than the previous job is quite clear. Partly because the skin is gray With black The tracks are easy to see, some skin smooth spots, some spots are orange skin. But most of it is orange skin. Is not smooth I think it was a scuffle. With the spray on the top is missing. But people do shade colors may have to scrub the main thing is the ups and downs, which is quite nice, but the cylinder .... ? Thermometer Koto's funny to see the rectangle is a square. The dragon's mustache Dapper D is very real, but it is not sharp is the square. Your brother is right next to the edge of the square to curl all the time.

Some of them do not drag straight. The corners are too curved. See, weird So pick up the old job, my brother, Destiny, or Akizuki is not so bad this way. Call it really is. I'm not sure what happened. Personally, I call it a lot of realism. But the quality is not. The stripe is a big groove around 0.5, which I personally think it's big. The heaviest seems to be at the mouth. Ordinary is offline that the Gundam already. This is a heavier curve than the original Naruto beard . Front hat The only difference is that the head is split. Show me the problem. Is a gray mask Press down to bounce. No, not supercharged. Personal shear the bottom of the meat off. The stuffed arm of the main arm , the same mechanism with the old style.

Arm press Maybe not stuffed because the rubber back to elbow it big. I have a good angle to press nothing. Or bother to shear off a bit. The red pieces match. Stuffing is not easy. But the stuff is okay, the main arm is not a problem. This one piece is very hard stuffed. Time to put a bad angle may be broken because it slices thin. To sharpen the spur. Because this point the mechanism does not use ... The main body is nothing but the waist is stuffed down hard. This is the most difficult of the mo, then the main should be tight like the leg of Destiny, the pliers, squeeze or sharpen it. Because this point is already moving. Personally, I think this is the hardest part of this one. Arrivals may have problems. But to do better than the descent. Or moi ago moderately

Piece of armor after the fall out easy Because the anchor handle it almost no. Personal glue on the black piece of the opposite side, then press firmly. If the glue is thin enough. There is not much left in the waist, nothing much. The leg  structure of the old RM is nothing much, most legs nothing. There is a strange rotating axis if you put one side and then stuffed. Turn back and put it back, it's easy stuffed. For the disadvantages The legs are tight. Time to pull legs like legs often. I put the glue on the core to tighten it. When pulling your leg will not fall easily, the ankle better than before. Called quite good, okay. The old will be a weakness. But the ball at the ankle. Personally I was glued to the ball at the ball. Because of the ankle, if it's tight, it's easier to stand than the old MG's.

Stick behind Tight too I do not care about the floor and then hit it easy to put on the back of the gun, but the gun is hard stuffed, but stuffed, but the less powerful may not hit the gray pieces on the top stuffed not recommended that the hole. solve Keep it that good. Because it tolerates it. But it will be easy to get lost, the core of the backpack of the original gun purely pure, feel the corner is shrunk down to 90% of the same level of work.  Another disadvantage is that the sword can not hold the sword because the hand is bigger than the sword. Take a knife to slash the spit out a bit, it's okay, and then inch fingers. The wrist side of the stuffed ball Joy it will not drop by. Use the right hand to replace it. I tried to compress the adhesive. But at the end of this point. Every finger moves.

Recommend that do not mess with it. Because the cut from the panel to twist the finger axis, it does not rotate by the axes, 
if not cut off the panel. At least the panel is a souvenir gun handles, guns do not have to cut a spit as well. But if I catch a pistol. May need more mo Because Griffin is thick. When the catch is closed, the way to cut it is to break it apart  if not cut the right hand, but the other side of the hem will fall easily. To be a part of the hardest to be at the waist. Clamp pliers help remove it, then cut it. The hardest part would be this .......... But the main thing is to press the same tight together. But overall, the connection is a little easier than Destiny is good. But it is advisable to compress the ankle as before. If you want to stand without a base. But if the focus is not to fix it.

Parts to repair There is not a section with the arm. At the wrist spindle The size of the hole with the gun hole is
less complicated than the original, 
but it is like a problem offline. Scrub with. My skin is ok enough. One level is better than the first one. But the work is worse than worse. The heaviest here is the head. The masked line from the rectangular rod becomes a worm pipe. The red nose is missing. Let's take the old to compare. It's really a grade. The joints are tight, the old weakness of the ankle better. Personally, I compress the leg to pull it. With the ankle just the rest, okay to the tight corners. Zoom magnification zoom head.

There will be a gap between red and gray. It is enough to solve it, because the first mask is bouncing it. Stuffed down The head was split into pieces and the weapon was baked by the stairs. The back legs were black. Plastic injection molding is easy to see. I will find the same camp. Of all the boxes. The base rod is standard under the bottom, attached to the action base 1/100 bass with the back of the bottom. Attach the base of the old style back support styles Schwarzenegger through the shoulder was leaning over the waist up , rocking, rocking back not the front waist was a joy Jersey. But only spin. The front corner uses the spindle spindle only. I've been complaining that it's hard stuffed around the waist.

Move with the ABS spindle only. Ball at the base of the waist can be rotated only. Combinate, but must look very high.
I do not like the gray bars, angles, elbows, elbows, angles, legs, legs, ok, better than this. But the front bounce off the knees bent leg mechanism mechanism is the same. To increase the angle of leg legs to spread legs really spread. But at the ankle, the foot steps to open the stool . But no traces pilot mechanism, the wings of MG Great find everything the end, however, the rotation axis at the wing root to the wing slides, rocked the area - after the wing had just blindsided on a hanging sword rather loosely to use. Small wing to support the wing spread mode. Fire unit + fire wire. Wai win a little bit.

1 is a good hard wire, it's true. But it's too tedious to stuff it to rubber it is not difficult
to cover it. But the hole in the hand hole is very short stuffed, it is easy to slip away. Personally, if you want to hand it. You may need to drill holes to get a deeper hole. Swords at the wings of the hand holding the sword, hand-held forward , action , action, long action, and then the base. Review: Open box - open the box to the original version of this camp. The outer box is a Jacket case. Inside is a real sugar box - packaged in several boxes packed in a single envelope. Sometimes there is a twisted piece from the panel because of the transport - plus good waterproof sheeting as well. - Thick sheets of paper, good - plastic is ABS.

- Panel rubber Yang some points, but a little more rubber than the original. Every damn it. This is the solution.
- The color of plastic gray / black as genuine

- The main surface is sandpaper, many spots are the same.
- Some spots are orange skin (uneven surface), but not heavy. Deleteable But the color line may have to scrub the skin a bit.
- The seam is a dull mold.
- The mainstream. If the standard Mo China is OK, same level with Daban. But I do not like his or her Katsu Destiny 

- I do not like the new design of that detail out. Or peel resin The main thing is to upgrade from the old
- if compared to the Akizuki, the groove is much more. But the groove of the stripes is quite thick.
- The groove is quite large. Bigger to put a Gundam Marker to drag it. The thick lines of the Da Long try to cut
- the angle is not sharp to see the next to take the old to compare. I like to feel like it or not
- some lines are oddly crooked
- the hardest part is the front, but the red pieces are missing a lot
- but enough to finish. It's ok ok Because it's big Well, it's enough to squeeze some yuan. Except if this airplane to ditch the triangle into a groove worm instant

- a major hit hard a few points. Mainly, the waist with the back of the shoulder is nothing more
- the mask hit and then rebound. No, not stuffed. Bark of the red color is enough to help.
- The chest is just the waist that has been complaining. Left stuffed easy, nothing.
Black armor on the back. Because nothing is holding back. Personal glue thin sticky, it does not use UHU Tag help
- sleeves nothing very hard, elbow, sometimes stuffed hard. And stuffed badly, arms are not close to the armor, the core stuffed very hard, and it can be broken. Heal the spur at all.
- Legs are nothing more. If the hem is hard stuffed. Try to stuffed another
leg of the pressure up. - Legs stuffed on the waist, but not enough hard core core waist with a shoulder
- padded wings hard to paddle. Put on the floor and push it into nothing.
- Guns are not gray, but guns are hard stuffed, but not hard. But if not stuffed. The right half of the left hemisphere Reinforcement
- the gray pieces on the left, right, the right, the stuffed - not the
yellow hole at the right. Sneak a little hard. But nothing much
- Handles both weapons and swords. Need to cut the gun handle at hand.
- Handle rifle but hand hold. The hand is closed because Griff is very thick, cut a little bit, there is nothing more
- the main plus the least effort in the mo of this camp. Hardcore really just waist to the left spine, nothing much. But hit the same joint pain.

- very tight, tight to tight. But personally ok Because our home is hot. I have to stick to this. Not so hot home, we do not last long, the joints are broken.
- Ankle tight but personal glue added. I want you to stand by without the help already
- compressed Glue the legs because they rotate the leg very tight time pull / legs the way it often is the same
- including the joints is quite okay, good adhesion, but considered

the move.
- Neck must be raised to move his head freely. The shift is quite difficult. I have to use a little routine.
- The waist can not bend the waist can not
be fixed. - Waist rocking, most waist move from the mechanism in the belly alone. The waistline of the ball Jyyi short it to work just rotate it.
- The elbow knee moves up.
- The leg has moved to move the position of the leg
- Including moving points are quite a new standard. The only weakness of the shifting point is the ankle. These new ones have solved the point has moved. But the rest is okay ... Except for one point each Common Core

- it's
- the main engine features the same time
- there was the odd sword handles. Because the HD is a wrist, it has a lot of degrees. But enough to spin the wrists help it.
- Gun rifle with hand to bake it.
- Flight mode + Reach Okay, but the 3-pane wing mode has a swivel swing that hangs the sword a little
bit. Maybe stuffed Maybe stuffed rubber tip ... ..... ..
- The hand pulling the wrist of the wrist is not pulling it out. Let's go Change the hand here, not to pull the stem it.
- Handheld weapons have to be slashed all the hand.
- Open Pit But no pilots.

- HG price level (2000Yen).
- Ok, well, the joints are stiff enough to move ok. But overall, it's okay.) The trick is a lot of fun, cheap, easy
- but may well be good before. It is probably the most important weakness. It depends on how serious some people are. Some people focus on fun, not interested in it.
- The sharpness is not understood here. Compared to previous works, it felt like it really dropped. I do not want to make PG Unicorn lol
- Personally, I'm okay. I do not know how to do it. (But tired of the hard work), but not serious people are considered good. Because it is quite different. It depends on the purpose of the buyer. But I think it was the first to try it once and see a permanent pros 1. cheap 2. Get a good collection of water 3. Detailing lot 4. tight joints 5. plastic the ABS 6. gimmicks like 7. It. every inch a disadvantage 1. Detailing grades dropped from the previous 2. the surface grades dropped from the previous 3. press hard on some points, but it is easier than ever 4. Motion to handle weapons at all.

5. Insulated power cord is lightweight, it is difficult to compare with the neighbors. Companies with colleagues as well, there are many things for the better and for worse , the better it will be assembled. The point is really hard to hit, but only one point. The rest is enough to puke. (But it hurts the same finger.) Another complained is the story Yangyang Yang. You are not good at it. This was better than I the worse the first to complain about the surface, but, okay, this is normal modern China. I can get it. But the heaviest would be the sharpness of this fine. Actually, it's not ugly, according to the Chinese edition, but the old one did a good job. I personally burned it a bit. But it's also good for the gray / black color, it is not very good because the ground is dark. But the heaviest here is the front.

But if you do not talk about the main sharp Ok plastic is ABS hard, good joints, good luck up a lot of weapons, too cheap HG price is also ok, it's okay
to play well. But who's the sharp edge of goodness? I hope you
do not have to worry too much to buy MG to change the head ..... Not worth it ...
Overall, if the line even play fun would like joints tight frame in ABS-point shifting polarized (really low on Strike RM This is considered outdated by me) weapons have broad wings so extravagant prices seems to like
it. If you are hoping for a good hi-end model, this might be disappointing. Personally, it's not bad at all. This is the extent of the extent of the reception of each person. Personally think that the color line would be like. Because repair is not difficult. Good water collection. I bought a muddy style with a princess, and it is interesting to me.

I hope the front page is better than ever. If the front page is not sharp. People fled to China to replace the metal meteor shower. [youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nEGSbtq0Ss [/ youtube]