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Review mendetail Daban PG 1/60 Phenex Fenix Unicorn Gundam

Source : http://www.thaigundam.com/forum/index.php?topic=42409
- This review is just a hobby, it may be forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, some points may use personal comments. Each hand is not equal. Feelings and views are not the same. Do not believe in anything.

-There is nothing wrong with obeying or solving information or adding information.

- my purpose Actually, I'm lazy, write something long or complain a lot. Actually, I do today, I do because I like taking pictures, just poses. But do not do it to review it completely. So read the fire, listen to the ear, because I'm lazy, but try to be as detailed as you can, but do not expect anything very

- Does not support genuine play without forgetting it. I do not know what to do.

RX-0 Unicorn fighter Phenex

Open the box
Box is thicker than RX-0 because the panel is much more than the original.

60 panel panels

Click to enlarge

Incredibly nice, okay.
The whole sector is nice, the surface is not crumbly, there are some sandpaper, but it is not very much.
I make 80-90% sharp corner, if you have genuine to compare. What should be sharp, it will be a little bit. But if there is no genuine comparison, it does not look out.

The finger moves.
Rubber wrist like is stronger than genuine. Which is good
The problem is difficult. Behind the hole is a plastic arm with tons of tons.


The gold color will be covered with chrome.
It's time to scratch it, give it a glide, it's cracked like chrome.
The color of the color is good, the color of the hair is more beautiful than the gold color of Shiki 2.0 is another is a gold-like paint. But almost no metric scale. And not a spray over. See the most chrome plated chrome.
But the problem is all about QC, and about 50% have a problem with powdered dust. The little ones are not so great. But big guys can see the island powder 3-4 points, especially the shield.
And the collapsed plastic marks, such as the shield, see the crease. (But the collapse of this shield is genuine)
Including very beautiful shades, but unfortunately the dust is a grain of sand.
Same color Of course not.

The base is a piece of skin that is the worst. Is a blank sheet of sandpaper
But skin is not rough.

The weapons are quite ok. There are a lot of sandpaper.
Nice ok ok

The surface is smooth but not smooth.
There is a heavy collapse of the head. With the look swell straight at the shield. Okay Ok
Plastic material okay, not so much with the stairs. Not broken easily

Let's say that the glow in the UV light.
Bandai's luminescence is not good.
It is the exposure of UV light to drop about 30-40%, but not that it is not glow. But less clearly

A matter of good
Well, I'm fine, but the story is not sharp at all.
But the dudes, here it is clear that it is not straight. Or very sharp. Personally, I would say 8-90%.

Ender normal game everything.

Sword with 1 air bubble from 2 pieces.

PC panel rubber tires ok good hard good

POM plastic panel is more solid than genuine POM.
Who wants to try to cut a runner empty to try to break it. The stiffness of the stairs is very good. Because it is used to get a spin, it reduces friction instead of hard.

Plastic straight armor is PS plastic out.
The plastic is the same as the genuine PS is a PS, the ABS is ABS.
Except for weapons platoon Use soft plastic of Daban using ABS.
Quality PS quality plastic close to the ladder. But it's time to frame it because it chrome glide.
ABS of the ladder is a little stronger. But tough enough

Color guide page with 2 center pages.
The illustration of the leaflets to the MG used.

Good call ............ Is a good water collector

Pack of light like a genuine pack. The paper is of the same grade but the red is not a metric.
Box light to scrub the skin very spar. Is rather bad But do not get anything done, do not show it.
Okay good slider button
Have holes Plug the power from the USB port into alternative energy. Unlike genuine charcoal used only.

On the light, try to open it all.
The power cord, actually, I think it's better than the stairs. Because insulation is like a sticky wire. More force to push force Insulation rarely sag But the rupture will not tear it. Some have to tear the cord around. Which must tear each other.
The quality of the lamp is not known to be long. Because of the genuine show open at some models of shops now go through a series of power outages .......

Face mask He made new
He made a new batch of MG to his base is magnetic.

I started assembling my leg. Because of the pieces. This piece is the easiest.
Foot careful, purple pieces. Because it is very tight. I almost forgot about sheep.
The same weakness as the original is an ankle mechanism to small joints to get a little weight.
The engraved part of this assembly time is very tight. But when pressed down. But the tightness of the joints, as well as genuine, if not glue, hard standing the same because leg joints do not exist. I do not stick to it well.

The headline is the last one to recommend. Because many To step into the problem
In the case with the sensor in the center of the head using the latching system, but with a central head. But now it's like the engraving, it's not about. It's not about it but it's very easy to fall out.
Personally, I welded a pin on gold pieces. Then glue to the frame to it. To get out of trouble and then take the middle of the head to the slide to get caught.
Face mask is a problem. Like if it is close, it will bounce until the cover is not close. But if the squeeze is not close to the mask to keep the head is not close.
The new face mask is very easy to remove.
He is at the turning point to remove the gray ABS to cover, but it does not cover the base of his genuine. So the part that it does not cover is very thin. Be careful with To normal like it would be very tight. I have to cut the point of this little bit less broken. Because the feeling when trying to press it at risk is not right. Because of his base, this is a genuine problem people have broken up with them.

The body is nothing but it is very tight. Some dots are not super. Or really close to the problem at the next step.

Loose like a genuine. It will glue it from now on.

To the fire system
The next will be busy. Plus the leaves are not very fragile. Who the first time calm down. Long and headache, of course, because the leaves per leaf only to three colors.
The arm is attached to the arm very tight but tight enough to be careful, but the core is broken.

The skirt is hard pressed here. What to put to put it.

Sticker behind the clear piece ......... The silver sticker is the same than the original.

Waist adhesive glue to glue before it. Because if the floating base. Waist is as easy as genuine.
The straight leg of the round ball stuffed into the thigh of this loose, genuine will be tight.

The arms are straight down the elbow.
It looks like it will split.
Finally cut the hole left a little bit. Then put on the adhesive to leave it. Other than that, the bottom of the tire like a rubber bounce off forever.

The legs continue. But the pain.
There is a lever here. Do not press down until you have to slash away a month.

The gun is over the lever, the lever below the spur, but easy to get.
Griff Griffin to rotate the spindle down a little bit but get it.

The shield is a piece of four-pointed pendulum, there are problems with the problem.
Take out a bit of shade out okay.

Wing core structure
Take the MG to expand parts.
There is a hollow hole with a very tight.
But the tightness is good.
But the core hole shield. The iron core is nice enough to keep it.

Double bleed
The connection is very tight. At first, I do not think it will hit. But as soon as I press it to lock it very tight.
Genuine Double Bleed The shield must be locked in the middle of the lock or not. This locking point is so strong that you do not need a shield to help lock it.
Locking with a backpack, sticking it straight, moving wings,

Continue to be
The main pains are finger pain.
It's plastic armor, it's chrome plated. So the core is thicker. Make it difficult
But most of them are stuffed. But pry out? I do not think it will be easy.
The problem is not sporadically comfortable. But most of the end force squeeze through. Do not slash the spur, if not.
Who to fire for the first time to calm down. Because of the headache of course. But better than the wire itself, the insulation is better than what makes jigging easier. While genuine is dreadful. Because of the fire, it is expensive.
PS plastic body armor is hardly different from the genuine ABS of ABS will be stronger. But equally sticky POM Dandan is better than genuine Good tires, good tires, good tires.
Plastic clear fluorescent in UV but less genuine But plastic hardness, hardness close to the genuine. If you close your eyes, you will not be able to separate because of the sticky frame.
The color of gold is really pretty, but the QC work is not very much to keep up with the panel quite a lot. But the finish is fast. Because enough to finish it, it's not as big as it is. But it depends on the way to see each other.
Unfortunately, another point is the plastic collapse. When it's chrome, it's very pronounced. Especially at the shield
Work on the pain. Especially on the shoulder, it is hesitant to say that it is down.
Your personal head should be the last. Because the same as the leaves are not pretty.
Joints as well as genuine Is the same weakness It is a move. But if you do not stick the glue, then lift the axle.
The ankle is very loose. No base will stand troublesome. But this one if the wings forget to stand it.
The waistline attached to the base, gliding glue fly. Genuine out of many around it.
But the arm rotation ok. The finger is OK.
Is worse than genuine The leg to the thighs loose than the time to move will feel strange.
The whole sector should not be heavy, but the same force. Anyone who has never been involved in a fire may have a headache on a leaf. I moved to the base of the base. Because the ankle is not weight. But the condition of the wings can not stand it.
Another point that is a long standing issue of this is that the top of the arm is attached to the private good. But do not pull out or separate from here. Because the locking pin of the tire is very sensitive. I left my left arm while trying to stuff my arm. Then it was easy. I have to compress the glue is enough.


Zoom lens

Gold looks good, the color is not compatible. But the metadata it will help me a little.

Armor like some of the points are not real close together. Even though it's genuine, it does not have the same feel, but sometimes like a strange strange.
Or because it is gold plated do not know.

Gold split shade with color powder.

This skirt is made of two colors of gold.

The point is very tight. Tight and uncertain to press down. But the lock is so tight that you do not have to shield the shield.

The most visible QC color shield

MG wing wing to expand the section.

Weapons for Bauska with Double Goldfish
The original MG will give only a bead.

Beam Magnum Ok good luck, lock the magazines, ok, no easy to fall.

Wing wing

MG's original shifting point

Action base.
Adjustable base Lock Ok okay
The waist should be glued because it will be artificial to fall.

Double bleed

Beam Magnum
Lock with ok hand No easy slip .........

จะยกใหล่ต้องอัดกาวช่วยเอานะ  ไม่งั้นเดิมๆร่วงแน่นอนรับน้ำหนักไม่ใหว

The wings are both booster and gun.

Mega canon


That's a good lock.
Not sure of the genuine or MG to wash out easily.

Beam Saber

Destroy Mode

Not open

Fire !


Zoom Lens

He is MG
In the unicorn The angle he will converge to the front. Because the time to spread him will be open.
If the track to the back. The time to spread him will make him unfeel.


ตัวไฟ  เหมือนพวกชิ้นปลายๆจะไม่สว่างเท่าที่ควร  เช่น ที่หน้าอก  เข่า เป้า

The shield is not the same light


Third form
It is an enhanced armor mode. But no locking mechanism at all. The move is moving.
There are armor plates at armor. The slides are added to the sides of the body. This is not very tight.
But the tip of the head is easy to open. Genuine is very tight.

- Double Pack Paper is crunchy paper with ears.
- Box bigger than RX-0 because the old panel added a new panel.
- A new part is a new forehead with a new forehead and wings.
- Forehead and he made a new copy of the MG, he unicorn figure will face. Because the time spread, he will spread widely. He has a magnet on the base.
- MG's wing to expand the size of the wings.
- Panel over 60 panels
- good call collect
- Plastic is a PS / ABS / POM plastic according to the authenticity of the Chinese use the grade. Except for heavy guns with some spindles, the genuine use of soft plastic. Daban will solve the ABS plastic.
- The gold plated gold plate to tell the color that is not sure. But it seems to be chrome in gold, but it is very thin.
- The color that I think is golden chrome. Because I rarely see the metric scale. And it's not over. Because there is no separate layer to see that the paint is over.
- Color and color are good, but the QC problem is a lot of different. Many spots are full, almost every piece, even his pieces are pigmented.
- color consistency ........... No one forgets about it.
- plastic collapse It's a problem as well. The heaviest is the shield and the shield.
- Plastic panels are bright in UV but less than genuine.
PS grade plastic twist compared to almost enough to shift stairs, but the stairs ABS hardened a little. But sticky enough, the POM panel is harder. Hard to grade toys
- Da Band's transparent panel is not quite equal. The colors seem clearer than the semi-transparent colors of the stairs. The plastic grade is hard to stick to. Cut or cut time will be different. From the cutting pliers to cut it to the same.
- a hard rubber panel, I do not see what to do. Better grades than Moko
- The copy of the stairs. The middle page is a copy of MG leaves. The description is baked together.
- The crystal sword has a hole in the air from two books.
I'm fine, but the sharpness of the hair to 80-90%, depending on the point is that some of the lines should be straight. Maybe out a little twisty. Not to hate grandma. But there is a genuine contrast.
- Start the body first. Mainly, nothing more. There are some spur points. Feel the waist is difficult to press if not pressed, it will be at the waist.
- The point of the arm moves forward, the arms of the glue before it is loose enough or may be worse than genuine.
- Who started the fire first? Look at the good cards. Because it leaves only three colors. I do not see the line to see the wrong line over the lack of difficulty.
- The gold piece on the sensor is easy to fall out with caution because the sensor here when the brush draws hard.
- Mainly, nothing much in the body.
- The backpack is very nothing, no hard press, but the short spindle like to fall apart easily.
- Foot to look good leaves, because then I missed it very difficult. They turned to the side.
- The arm of the pivot is very tight press down until it almost no hope to pry it out.
- The ankle is composed of two moving points. Then cover the cover. The cover is very difficult to press. To work hard
- But the ankle articulation is the same. If you do not want to stand, it must glue. But if this is the wing, then I need to base it offline.
- Legs are not difficult in the frame. There is only the back of the leg to cut the spur or not really.
- This is hard to walk the fire. The line is not good, be careful to move over the line.
- A small piece of paper to do three figures stuffed into the ball, Joy hard but down, but with a lot of force to be careful.
- The frame in the armor over. If the bulb is not good, it will not stick properly.
- There is a problem with the clear piece over the thigh. Like a straight spur. But it was so puzzled that it locked up.
- The point of moving the leg pins plug into the loose legs to glue, but if the base is not standing on the foot, it must not be solved.
- Waist is not very much, but the waist line glue on the spur before it. Because genuine waistline is like falling asleep at the floating base.
- Skirt side slide axle stuffed very hard. What to help push better.
- gold pieces to the target. It's easy Genuine is not It's not good
- The sleeves are straight. Bottom shifting point The pivot is like it's not as tight as it is. Think it's too thick. Finally glued it to lock it better. Personal does not want to slash the spur. Because the focus is moving.
- The rest is nothing much.
- finger ok, but have problems with the hole in the palm of the back. There are too many plastic fins to handle, so it may be difficult to shear.
- There are 3 points to move the body so tight that it can not move. If it is not focused on the third, it's a good thing.
- The upper arm, upper arms, arms, put the point, move the arm with caution, because the time to the end. It is rubber, it has a plastic keg lock. If you take off - often out the fangs it will be worn. And the arms will loose out immediately.
- The main arm attached to the main arm is very tight, tight and tight to discourage the time to burn. And not sure that stuffed into it.
- If stuffed, the arm is tighter than it is, but the arm does not fall (but the same fall), but exchanged with a very hard stuffing.
- head hard
- The core is careful because the cover is gray. The next time it did not cover the base of his prototype. Make a spot on the gap between the grays and wings.
- He stuffed the lock. It was tight too. Personally, I cut the spur away and stuffed it loose. At the base of his should be careful. Because of the fact that someone is broken.
- Fuck up is the mechanism to hide the mask at the head. The middle of the head will slide to the water and back. To hide the Gundam front mask. Or behind unicorn masks The point of moving the slide here is not locked with the spindle slide.
- Personally, I do not want to slice it up higher than normal, then glue it. Slice it, it goes down, the lock fits.
- The mask is like a gap problem is not enough. Perhaps a unicorn figure, the mask will not close properly. Or maybe even a unicorn figure mask. Rotate back to hide at no

Compared to genuine You will see that it will not run out of fire. And see the fire is a lot more because the UV plastic is not as bright.

Match Size

กับชิกิ และโกลด์บัก

Big Size

The combination is pretty good, but the main problem is two points.
One is golden The gold is pretty okay. And the most beautiful gold. Personally, I'm more beautiful than the 2.0 chip, but the problem is that it's a matter of QC with a lot of dust.
Golden shades Personally, nothing much. Because the body of the opening of the frame is my main body. And the frame is not very clear. And gold Will the ladder or anyone else If not cut from the spray panel, it does not have the same shade.
The second or the UV plastic story at the open fire is obvious. The light is not bright enough. Because the plastic is 30%
The problem is that it will be at the far end of the light bulb, such as a chestpiece, a knee-like fire, it will not run. The more genuine the open, the more obvious.
But the mainstream is the same, it's pretty good. The golden color that is very beautiful. The plastic is a PS, then the scrub if the base is not good. The work is very problematic, especially the head with arm. The rest thought it was not very serious. It can continue but the pain is tight.
Fire work like a genuine headache like a genuine. The point of shifting is different from the genuine, like the axis of the pin. The original problem, such as ankle shifts, waist, waist, upper arm, the same problem.
Who wants to try to break the plastic rods, plastic POM panel, it is a good grade.
But if the ladder is sold out. And not gold plated I think I will buy it because of the two reasons above.
But if gold plated. Or as a precaution, I do not ask.
The story is that your uncle will come out. Because two years ago, released PG Unicorn last year, issued a banana, but this year did not leave ....
Many people may think that the ladder is out. But there are risk factors. Like the PG Red frame that can easily be dyed with either a trumpet file or a blue frame separator. Or even a gold frame Which is not a wash away.
Personally, think now if the uncle is leaving PG Phenex if it's early next year. It should become. Predecessors are quite certain, I guess.
Personally, if you do not give 100% gold with the light. It's okay to be okay. But the composition here gradually. Because it is not the type of focus on the fun, press the pain, the pain in the head is very painful. Headache is the headache. I do not use force. Problem solving puzzle head not down here .....
I also need to repair it to be genuine, the same problem.
The whole sector was pretty good. Now if you want to have 3 options, there is only one now. If it is not serious enough But personally, if you do your own better than the course. But the opportunity is too high.
Speak to the ladies and see the FA Nu gundam. MG V2 Assualt buster part I can not escape the ladder I'm sorry ............
But AG AGE-3 AGE-FX is not a prelude to this.