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Review mendetail MG 1/100 Zeta Gundam ver MB

Source : http://www.thaigundam.com/forum/index.php?topic=43065.0

- This review is just a hobby, it may be forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, some points may use personal comments. Each hand is not equal. Feelings and views are not the same. Well, do not believe so much.
- There is nothing wrong to obey or solve the data or add information will be highly appreciated.

MSZ-006 Zeta Fighter
MG 1/100


Great water decals

The surface is sandy, fine resolution is not very rough.

The page has no page added to it, which is considered good because it has a striped page layout. Some people will not like (me one)
It's a good option to hear some feedback.

Beemer has bubble holes.
Normal will not get much. But free MB Do you do good? Come around this bubbles come by. Like a proof that burned.

He is a rubber
Easy paint color My uncle's abdomen ... Slip into the plate to glide ....
Choose a good foundation for each other. Now a lot of options.

Click to enlarge

Well, do it again.
Shields, chevrons, chevrons Had a web site in Fej took a picture of the stairs with Daban. There are parts like the steps of the ladder up. And the new parts, such as the ends of the fins.
But it is not very good, but the angle is not very sharp, but not enough to get ugly. But it is not. Make sure the shades are the same color as the edges.
The soundtrack based on the style of dandelion. Out a thick groove This is because people like it because it is easy, but if compared to free-form offline it. The tone of the groove is slightly thinner than the look.
Handsome casting Pilot condition looks good No groove Or blurred to see the condition is not out.
The whole thing is fine, it's okay, it's a lot better. Some point if color Two tone color is pretty good.
Plastic plastic is PS similar of ladder ABS is not as hard as the stairs. But sticky

Skin work

Most of the molds are made of molds, but most of them are made of molds. But because it's not a very important point. Back then, I rarely see him.
Some point to see the sandpaper to clear the mold. But it is not very coarse. I will take care of the phase is missing.
The combination of skin, hair, okay. Not very ugly Do not have a heavy scratch. To finish it not very much.

That is the assembly.
The advantage of this is very easy. The body has not been hit by anything.
But to say that ABS plastic is not as hard as a ladder.
At the point of moving, the clip lock C clip down the axis to rotate the transformation time. Due to the soft plastic to press the C clip lock will cause the "plastic stretch" instead of maintaining the original clip lock on the axis.
As a result, this point is shifting so much that the blue sky is not broken. But it means stretching plastic. Until it is locked on the axis. Personally, I do not think it's broken. But it does not lock.
The solution is quite difficult. Personal glue drops and rotate this point until the glue is set to lock the core itself. But if I miss one. Not recommendednull

The puppets are not difficult, but all the hard-pressed weapons, especially the gun shield, especially the rifle. Slash

That's the way
The whole sector is very simple. But the frame is quite bad. The joints are very loose at many points. And push is a key structure.
Axis locking the arm and chest with a C clip lock as if not moving a lot of this point.
Ball to loose a little bit if just a gun. But it is not.
The arms are very loose, carrying guns, as well as running high.
Hand locked weapon is not present. Mega runner Not modifiable, forget it.
Waist ball The rectangular axis below the ball jumper. To use in the mechanism to push the waist to lock the stomach, not to fall down, to cut it or to indulge.
Ball loose waist
Spinning leg Have symptoms Because the plastic sheet is assembled to lock the ball. Catching Not a big problem But it feels a little rancid.
Knee point moves two strokes below very loose. Loose loose loose
Knees loose
The total point of the shift to the loose. Some points are genuine. But Daman's will be heavier. If it is really complete, you need to repair many of the glue spots. But if anyone buys it on the stand, it does not have anything.
Most of the arms, if not to mount a hibernator. No need to repair it and the legs if the base is fixed, it does not need repair.null

Ankle lock Must slide from side to side armor. Pull the leg of the genuine axis will drop. Because the spur is not tight enough.

Side armor pulled out not the most. Because the fins attached to the shoulder. Remove the fins do not stick. Then slice the yellow locking hole to the top of the blue piece. To push the armor to the side out.

Hand locked weapon can not.
Very difficult to repair personally. Then drill a small hand drill holes to lock the hole to the weapon deep hole. Not really expert, not recommended, because if you miss the difficult and difficult work.
Do not use UHU tag sticking out.

The axis of the glue is glued to the other two sections. Easy to get out
The left leg of the right leg. At this point, the locking rod is not very tight. Makes the time to move the legs look tense. Because time to move legs. Need to move legs to a piece of gray armor to move the tire before the slide.
This point is repaired or not repaired. Is the feeling of moving time

Continue to be
The advantage is that it is easy to lock down, do not squeeze to press a lot. Except for weapons that should be slashed, the spur, or otherwise, is very difficult to hit.
The end of the shield will not say I do not press. This gun is heavy heavy.
Okay, okay, but there's a problem in the skeleton. As saying that there are many loose points. But this one, but the people. If you do not stand on base, do not do much, it will not need to be solved.
But personally It is loose in many places. To stand still, it is difficult to support yourself because the ankle is loose.
Armor platoon is not pushed out at all.
Many sectors include a simple solution with glue and glue, except for the lockarm. Which is difficult to solve.
The joints after the joints and then look a lot better, but with the system straight to the ankle here to solve a lot. I will change to a ball to go. Will move more slippery.
Include the curse transform puppet full. What the staircase is bad for? This will be the worse. But nothing is over. Mainly glue the joints (almost whole)
Another heel point is that the red pieces are not fully stuffed. The heel is higher than the original, it will stand more balanced weight is easier.


Zoom in

The gap between the eyes and mask is good, no problem.

Do you like the new recipe? There are both up on the original. And new parts design


New design in many places.


Guns are fine ups


The main shift points of the Zeta 2.0.
Go Balloon

Angle of elbow
Waist is a ball

Mischa still slide But the armor plate is off.

Angle of arms spread legs.
Ankle weakness


Leg lift

Broken knee
The lower knee shift point is very loose.

Hidden beams

Action weapons.



Beam saber

Mega Beam Rifle

Hard locking Need a lot

Base action

For transformation The lock on the legs of the lock but the other side of the C is not locked in a single clip.


Mainly transformed like the Zeta 2.0 ordinary, nothing much. Difficulty in converting is the same. Because of moving parts. Parts will be rigged to it.
Personal transformation is simple, it is broken into pieces. Then come back to the end, it's easy.


Review :
- Open the box is two layers, the same firmly.
- The panel is not packed very well.
- plus the base of the skin is normal, the skin is usually bad (PG Unicorn) around this Ok, not very much.
- good water
- Do not go face to face to see the panel and put it to finish the job. Because it is a small panel to listen to the sound of this purchase. Because of the prototype. I do not like the same pattern.
- plastic outer shell is PS. The ABS frame does not solidify as an ABS-like staircase. Like Jessie's
- Skin work if viewed from the panel. The skin is very well done, but the edge of the work. Will also see the plastic friction with some molds. But not as much Private
- Black is a little sandpaper. Come across a few points The traces are not very deep. Fine enough, this is okay.
- Based on the style of the track, the groove is thick and deep, easy to wash, but the groove is big. In my mind And the angle is enough to get but not sharp enough to get enough, but other camps now go beyond this.
- The task is very easy, nothing much in the body of this really continue.
- But the weapons, the guns, the shield must sharpen the month. Or slash Because the press is very difficult.
Okay, Okay, okay.
- Swords with clear air. It's not free. Considered fall standard Which is really much more standard than the free offline. Personally, I think Daban is stuck in this project and goes to freeze instead. Finally, Chinese New Year is back to inject sales.
- Straight in the leaves are told to attach strands in the armature strangely, if the armor is not pushed. Remove the yellow jets to the fullest. Armor to pull out.
- C axis to lock the clip lock to lock and then rarely. And white blemishes The key is ABS plastic of Daban soft than the ladder. The piece can not maintain its C shape. The result is a C shape, which causes the lock to lock and the expansion of the plastic. Causing white marks. From expanded plastic
- that's personal Do not think to be broken Because of the sticky plastic over the stairs. But mainly from soft plastic. It can not be fixed in a very small spot like this.
- Personal solution, I dropped the glue and moved on until the glue is solid. But this shock shot to the end who do not know how to assess risk itself.
- Lock finger weapons are not guns with a sword, but a little rounded off. Hiigara run
- Fix the glue to fix the gun hole to help with the core lock it deep, which is difficult to buy a hand set separately for sale much easier.
- Once completed, go silly around, forget to stretch the ankle. I do not stand.
- to stretch, it is not standing lol because the ankle is loose The posture is difficult.
- The joints are weak, many points. As told Will repair or not. But there must be a weakness to swap.
- Loose shoulder spread. And the ball at the shoulder, just hold the gun, just hold the sword.
- Loose waist and waist belt system to lock with the undercarriage to not work.
- The leg of the main leg. It is a gray armor. But since this point is very little downtime. And like to rick before Before spinning the main leg Because of the need to push the armor to hit the rubber legs to rotate, simply glue it. If you solve the security issues when standing.
- The knees are very loose, glue the end of the adhesive.
- Ankle loosened to a difficult posture, glue thin, repeated that some very thick to not press down, if the repair will stand easier. Better balance weight. But if the dead base is not to repair it.
- Heel like to be shorter than the toe, easy to fall red heel, do not press the stuffed. Give it a little higher than normal to help with standing.
- The main range will carry the Hummer Runner. Need to glue the upper range. But if it does not hold a hibernator run. It does not need to be repaired.
- The lower part of the stand to repair or if not stand alone is not okay.
- difficult to position because of moving ankle. And the center of gravity to the back.
- Transforming the chaos is no different to that of the stairs. Except the locking leg on the side I do not lock. The body will fall to the side.
- Locking the shield, the chaos is the same. But similar to the ladder of the ladder. It was chaotic and the locking point was the same.
- Ok, figure figure, handsome guy, good guy, no problem.
- The outer armor cover ok, but the frame is not. One is that the plastic is not stiff, the stairs are locked, the clamp is not as good, and the shifting points are loose at several points.
- But easy to do, nothing wrong with most Chinese moons. That's hard because it's tight. But the joints are tighter. This cycle is easy but the joints are loose.
- Mainly if you are standing on the base of nothing, but if you unlock some functions such as carrying a hygma or stand without using the base to repair.
- Personally, that's a pretty good job. At first, look dirtily. That's a lot of money. But as a matter of fact, plastic injection is really okay.
- If the hands to dress. This is much better. At least, hold up a lot of weapons.

1. Good, very good, up to the additive, and almost every point, even a high-powered gun is up to it.
2. Very easy to continue. There is not much pressure. Except for hard-pressed weapons and shields. But it does not have a spur.
3. Good for the water.
4. The main skin is not very cruel. The job is not as good as the free MB, but I'm okay. Even the base works better.
5. The page looks better. I used to curse a lot. This cycle is much better. With a smooth mouth to come. This is beyond expectations. Come into a small panel Show that when you finish work, it is not prepared in advance.

1. The frame is very rugged, loose joints to C clip lock, the arm is pressed and stretched. Armor to move, not push if not fix.
2. Hand lock weapon is not secure enough to carry a higga. Have to solve hard
3. How annoying genuine conversions are. Daban is like that. I'm a little bit heavier than the locking pin at the leg plug, the pressure point is not locked. The legs look down to one side at a time.
4. Hard standing because of the limited movement of the ankle. And the position of the foot without the ball. The mass center is very supportive of falling backwards.

1. Intent to look less than the free MB. Look at the blade of the air at the light sword. I'm not free anymore. Like hurry off work before chinese new year
2. He is a rubber color, but difficult to handle.

Size matching

With others

Private sector is considered a standard fall from the MB free offline, I think Daban is still holding this project, and then to make a free replacement. Finally, Chinese New Year is back to inject sales.
Like most Chinese joints, "most often" tight joints than genuine. But it was exchanged with hard stuffing instead. But this round pushed the opposite.
The sector has a problem in the frame. If it is good to compress the repair to fix many points if it is good for many points, such as the waist to change the ball to go to the point of the ABS to do it better.
The total does not have anything to repair if you do not, then put on a long base. Because knees are loose. Or feet that are prone to falling often.
But it's good, it's easy, nothing else. The groove is a bit wide, but enough.
The first thing I thought was a clutter. I have a handle on the fact that it is okay to look like a RG to the page without a tap to add. This was very cheap. The front of the page is not very bad.
The whole sector was pretty good. But personally, I really need to repair it. Other than just dead. (Which is very cluttered)
I would like to remove the external armor, but I have to adhere to modular joints instead of better, but not difficult to lock except arm. It will take a mileage to run the Hummer Runner. This one is hard I do not pay to buy a set of fingers to finish it easy.