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Review mendetail MG 1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam Ver.MB

Source : http://www.thaigundam.com/forum/index.php?topic=42938
- This review is just a hobby, it may be forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, forgotten, some points may be used for personal comments. Each hand is not equal. Feelings and views are not the same. Well, do not believe so much.
- There is nothing wrong to obey or solve the data or add information will be highly appreciated.
- Review I use the standard of genuine or ladder to match. I do not know what to do before the Chinese will know what to do

Strike Freedom Fighter


All the panels are alike

Freedom Fighter
No Gundam, wrong copyrights

Good decals and stickers

The Rainbow Shields will look like a PET bottle like a bottle of water or a light-emitting wafer. The front plastic sheet is painted to paint the panel.

Hanging rods Pack comes in bags.

Click to view larger image. Do not count the panel Because the panel repeats much the same. Both arms and legs

The outer panel is a PS grade plastic near the top of the stairs.
The panel is ABS but not ABS. The more features out to PS than it is not hard enough to be referred to as ABS rather than PS, which is not sure because it must be plated or because of color. The hardness is lower than the ABS grades used by the manual.
Blue and black panel Is plastic metric scales Scales look ok okay. But according to the properties of plastic, the metallic scale It will be clear.

Click to enlargenull

Sharpness is the highest point Daban has made. The look and feel of the corners may not be sharp, but it looks okay, except the plating panel, because the color is coated to see the sharp disappear.
The groove is thick. This style of camp.
The best skin ever made at this camp is 100% but it's almost 100. 984 is the grade. The Mmoogo MC is almost impossible to find. But I find it good. If you can not remember 2-3 points. Which is very little.
The paint job is not the same. The private camp will never find paint on the panel and the same color. Because of the limit of the mold, it cover itself. If not, change the color dip method. It is not exactly the same. But because of the golden color it shows less. I can not wait to finish it.
The traces of gold cut are fine. Daban standards at regular intervals will be a little bit. This is done well beyond the expectations of this quality camp, which is usually very good or sharp, often secondary to Mokoko throughout. Private upgrades are quite okay.
It's hard to compare with MB, because I do not have a match, and MB paint is better than the MB.null

The job market is quite a difficult job. Because the square is placed at the corner. Makes cutting gates difficult to not eat plastic. It may take some time to gradually trim.

The gold and Andegetas most of it. But some points are not worthy of Deegate to do it to make extra time to cut.
Eye-dipped plated Good decision


The base is brewed straight. When changing the angle, press the latch.


Armor piece arm in the shape of a leaf. Put together Well aimed at this point. Believe the leaf may have to pry. And the core may be broken. Because of this, everything is tightly focused. And the plastic is PS long axis, pull out bad, the axle is broken very easily.

The small gray colored tin is pressed down so hard that the last hole must be glued. People say that others continue to fall. But I can not find the angle. And glued to it because it is very small.

Gold piece stuffed into shoulder armor. It does not have a lock, do not friction, because when the joints are finished, the pieces are not pressed to the press itself, the hole is broken, which do not need to press the lock. Focus on support


Sticker sticker does not exist. Because the eye piece is moistened. The skin is smooth.

The cheek plate on the cheek. Really it's locked But since it's plated pieces Slipping easily. Glue it to be better.


The arm is very scary. Because it is a thin plastic about 2 mm thick with a spindle.
And ABS plastic grades are not as solid as those of Momoko. The core of this arm of Momoko has seen people broken.

The waistline is the same. Because it is attached with a small spindle, pulling up and twisting the spindle. But here is a simple fix to embed the small core to finish.

Tubing on chest in leaf It does not stick. Put into the chest and closed over the easier.

Skirt nothing

Shoot gun

The main is nothing more. But the gap is very close The unshielded parts will be assembled closer together. Which I think most of the point here is the opposite. Should be solved if the point.



Small pieces of gray paste in the middle of the hole It's really easy to get stuck, but there's no glue to it.

The same two legs. Rousing There are no problems.

The armor of the foot is very easy to glue it.

The legs are hard stuffed and the shape is not as good as it may be broken. Focus on removing the armor that does not get out and then stuffed the leg empty in before it is better. Because stuffing is difficult.


The brochure must be inserted in the slide. Press straight will not fall down.

The cover is a little tight. But enough to stuff it down. But at the time of dismantling, if you do not want to think about it.

Sheet fins into the groove Pressing forcefully straight Sharpening the hole to be stuffed into it is better.


Soft ratchet to lock the wings.

Drakun Monk small size and large assembly is not the same.


In the leaf told to take the piece down and then another piece. But in truth, it's free, no locking, easy to use, last but not least.

Corner stuffed core parts in the leaves are wrong. Must be grooved to the side of the spur. To be locked

After finishing the waist, the waist weight gain. Back down
Try to pry the glue. It's a little coarse here.
Private adhesive thin. Enough to gain weight But the chances are very high. Do not recommend to do it. Because the chances are very high indeed. Dare to do because the hole to change the core is not difficult.

Arms can not handle it.
Because the spur is very small. And chrome plated. Make it slip from the easy hand.
Personal glue some guns and then go to it. I do not know how to make it. But the color is attached to the gun hole. Have to pick another Anyone who has a good eye grated chrome at the locking out and glued to hold it.

Oh, the other fingers. Straight to the thumb, the lock parts are not there. Glue is better than glue. Otherwise the thumbs off very easily.null

Drakun base has two types of floor to stand with floating stand. Choose to put on the base.

Continue to be
The key is not difficult. But because the pieces are very small And chrome plated parts Make it slip easily, so many points suggest that glue is better because it probably does not come out. Especially small ones
Structural work is quite structured. With waist The axis of the twist is wrong. Because of the thin core. The waist is still in the hole to change the core. Should be tighter than the same. Mainly because it baked from MB straight, which is the same old steel.
Legs come in two sets. It's good to have a backup.
Work on the broken spur. Because the pivot is tight. And the spur is quite long. Time to dismantle, if wrong, perhaps the pivot is broken. Because the plastic itself is just PS grade.
Wing hard pressed a little bit.
The work of the head of the wing to see the cleft as a mark.
Waist to the waist weight gain. Because it is just a thin axis. I do not recommend glueing. Because the risk is very broken. But the reviews are glued to thin, then the waist does not re-weight the wings. If not sure if the repair shop. Not recommended to solve
But the other points are good.
Stand up if you have a good weight. But I can not think that if it's steel frame, it will stand comfortably even wings will be heavy.
The weapon's handle is not enough, but it can be fixed, but may have to remove the chrome.
Watch out for the shifting spindle. Because look very brutal. Plastic itself is not very hard.
But the darn skin of the sharp edge of the dan.
And the color separation works perfectly. It must be said before that most of the color separation is used as a barrier. Daban has to design a new separation. Which works well And later, the cockroaches do very well. As far as I'm concerned, even Mokoko is not as colorful.
Oh blue guns that do not separate color mana. To be sticker Which is not offline
The joints are OK. Okay, okay, because it's chrome plated. There is only one point that is not tight enough is the waist.
Chromium plating is a two-edged sword, but the other side is plastic-like, not as hard as regular ABS and slippery. But if the cable is considered to be a positive effect than it. Because it is more attractive than gold plastic.
Plastic paint is a fine metric scale. The whole sector went pretty well. But many glue can do it. Because the separation is small and detailed. The spur is smaller by the way.


Zoom lens

White will be three shades.

He pointed good


The gap between the eyes and red pieces. Black hole in the eye is enough to smooth it.


Three shades of color, the original MB will be used to spray.

Guns sprayed better than using stickers. But blue shade to plastic color is difficult to handle.



Color separation complete

There are pieces of jets at the toes, not separated ... If it is compared to MB?


Blue year is plastic metric scale.

Spread a bit
Wing structure is basic. There are no wings spread like MG or slide teeth.

The track looks very close to it.

The gun does not separate the blue.

Of all the boxes.

There are actually a few fingers that can be used to hold a gun, with a wrist, and a sword. Used with Destiny alone. It can not be used with FRENOM. Because the gun core thicker.

My hand

Wrist rotate with ball Arm end End of arm To handle a two-handed gun. This move can help a lot.

The back of the cut from the panel behind the elbow behind the knee.

Corner angle

The arm can be pulled out to increase the angle of movement. But from the thickness of the arm. Do not get too busy.

Three point strokes at the neck of the neck of the head.
Double elbow

Shifting waist
But very waist The gun will fall easily. Because chrome it slippery.

Leg angle

Leg angle

Bent knee

Booster at the back of the slide, but not much different.

Slide the slide to hang the gun instead.

Hang the gun at the waist.

The corner of the wings spread without any mechanism. But there are prominent at the bottom of the wing folded up.

Spread wings

I do not stand if you do not put anything behind.

Beech Shield

Action gun

Bring the gun together But let me tell you what to do.




The base

Rear lock for base stand View lock is not strong enough. Dare say, because the same base that came with the Tariya Tamaki lock tight.
But the rest okay.
The base is attached to the body directly behind the waist. Which glued to it. Because sometimes it's out of chrome because it's slippery.


Attached to the depot on base

The big duckun lock is good. But a small one like to just lay down. The next leaf did not say much.

Hungrakun hung It's a different pad.


Watch out for twisted legs, twisted and twisted.


Review :
The review I use the standard of authenticity. Because of the thought that many people may never be moe. I will know what to find.
- box is a slide The panel is quite a lot.
- The base screen princesses come to me, but the word Gundam does not become a Fighter.
- Get the water, plus the stick to the stick. Beam effect panel is a sheet of plastic coated color glitter.
- Plastic Beam Panel Use spray paint to spray on the panel.
- Sticker in the glue box is not good.
- Leaf to some point, the drug is 3-4 points, some points do not say, such as the gun. What is the base at the base?
- plastic as ABS / PS
- Panel rubber tires okay, not soft to hard. Hard to grade
The outer panel is made of PS plastic, which is white with 3 shades of white, black, metric, black, metallic, gray, and gray. Except for silver, it does not look as good.
- The chassis is in gold plated chrome plated. But the hardness is not equal to the ABS ladder or cot. Out of the box until the PS is not sure to remove the color. Or is it a grade that is suitable for coloring?
- The gold color will give you the same shade. Do not expect.
- Gold is a gold undereck to see the cut cut at the top of the finger. The rest is behind the knee not much.
- An Gate is pointless to put it. Time to cut it up so well.
- white panel, no other color panel Some gates are pointed or curved. (These points, if Koto likes to make an anklet).
- Excellent sharpness Ok, well, there are grooved lines that look a little far. Okay, okay.
- Skin is ok, but not 100, but very little.
- The pack, maybe like a bunch of stuff. Several panels in a single envelope. Focus on space saving Mo China. There will be some broken from the Stargate in the envelope.
- The mainstream is really hard to do. But the main problem is a little.
- First, the color separation is very fine. Some very small pieces From small pieces, it is small. Some glue spots are glued to it.
- The second chrome slippery piece. Until the locking spindle, perhaps easy to slip because it is slippery. Glue it.
- The third pivot is very tight. Some point next drought tries to pry it out. The spur ax is broken very easily because it locks tight. Some points are hard pressed, such as the wings. Or a very obvious joint such as the waist.
- At the head of the eye is a piece of gold plated. Good decision The gap between the eyes and the red eye is clear. But think back to the black eye, then okay.
- The gray side of the glue is better because it is very easy.
- The hard cock because it is smooth to spin it.
- Body arm, looks very worried. Because there are a few points. Another point of view waist, it looks thin because it is the same as the iron straight.
- The waist axis if the wings do not weight. No need to stick to base.
- The blue piece of rubber lock on the adhesive base, it is good because the photos are often dropped. Because stick on chrome pieces. Maybe slip away easily.
- The gray air channel The leaves are attached to the breast. Do not waste time because it does not lock. Placed on the chest and then overturned easier.
- piece of gun If you move a lot of waist, perhaps off Because it's slippery. But not really anything.
- Arms with one point at the end of the arm to the wrong direction.
- Time to pull fingers. The arms are like falling off the lumps. Because chrome it slippery. Glue it.
- The arm is easy. Because chrome it slippery. But not much
- golden pieces are straight There is no lock. Do not waste time To finish it
- Armor arm often like to cover each other often. I have to wait forever.
- waist nothing much, but move a lot, skirt arm bounce off. Because chrome plated to slip.
- There is a mechanism to keep weapons like normal.
- The main guns are nothing. But the waist is not attached properly. But I'm completely free. Should be mounted directly to the point.
- The main leg is recommended to pre-pack before the final draft. Because stuffing the legs to finish is very difficult.
- Legs are nothing more than balls to the ankle strap. But the stuffing is not tight enough. Because chrome plating. I think it would be slippery because of chrome.
- Adhesive foot-arm has better adhesion. Because often dropped.
- small gray pieces are locked, but fro The glue is better adhesive.
- The main wing is not very much, but press hard and then hit the key is broken.
- The distance is the same. Not sure, press it hard or just really
- Guns are not very much, but some points are difficult because they tell you to place pieces and then press. But really, press it a little and then stuffed easier.
- finger split fingers but fingers caught, but very loose because chrome. Glue it.
- As said, remove the finger pull out. The tip of the arm is easy to follow the pull.
- The finger will give you a sword to capture the sword of Destinism. Which can not be used at all
- Weapons, weapons, locks and weapons are not. Because slippery chrome. Brass chrome plated or glued to the car if it will solve it.
- Saber sword on the waist lock as well. Glue the glue on a small hole is ok.
- The base is OK, but the locking mechanism is not as good as the base lock. Fear of bad days (The king is ok over this)
- Choose the drake to place at the base or hang to fly. But the rods should not twist or break.
- Ok shifting point. There is only one point that is not tight enough at the waist.
- Stand up if you are good and not spread wings, but base. No waist because back heavy.

The idea that glue to it is better.
- Gray plate on the cheek.
- a small sheet of armor (a hole punched with glue, private stuffed hair)
- End of arm or pull the change hands. The forearm will fall off very often.
- Gray pieces in the ventilation band at the side of the leg. Seems to be But maybe not.
- The armor of the feet apart from each other often.
- Thin gluing beams To lock with the waist
- gun lock point on hand This solution to many convenient.
- separated fingers
- blue on the back of the waist To fall behind the base
Outside, it's really nothing. But there are some loose points because chrome


- Color separation is very good to understand that the main MB several points to spray paint. Daban has to separate himself. Which almost cover the hole (FYI really did not split it).
- Most joints are OK, not sure or loose, except waist.
- Gold plated with chrome. Make eye contact
- not difficult as Most will be small pieces glued to it better.
- The sharpness of skin care Okay, which compared to previous work, this is considered a special intention.
- Two base Drakuns.
- good water collection
- to be pretty Plastic paint is not ugly

- Many places where MB used to be steel, but it was baked straight several points, such as the axis of the waist broken and the ABS is not very hard.
- The joints do not look very well, such as the head at the wing under the eyes.
- Mobile weapon does not lock. Because chrome plated it slipped.
- The waist do not weight. Because its wings are heavy No need to stick to it.
- Many glue is better. Part because it's small The spur axis is small. Some points are chrome plated. Chromium slippery makes the slender piece easy. If the chase is many points.
- blue pieces of guns do not separate colors.

- The middle of the gun, the head, which is reasonable.
- Clear cut cut. Cut the elbow to the knee. Which is enough
- Stargate in some corner. Cut hard And be careful not to cut meat.
- Hanging Teeth Not the sticky grade that comes with MC's or Hyde's stairs, twist and fly back in the direction it is broken.
- No Gundam base
- Some fingers do not hold weapons. (From destiny The axis of the weapon is different size.)
- No light-effect effects. But get hold of the teeth to get a good one.

Size comparison

1/100 scale
Gundam 1/100 will be shorter than MB F-91.

Including the work, the skin sharpness is better than the thought. Upgraded and intended to do very well.
Chrome plated like a double-edged sword Because it made slip parts are not locked at all. But most glue has nothing much.
I hardly think personally that these guys are here. Because of the original it was steel. Which is baked straight to see a little. And plastic is not very hard.
Coloring lines suggest that coloring is done and then the body is better. Because spindle axis. Prone to broken
If the show does not move very much. Personally, that's pretty good. Because color separation is really a good color separation, but if the player moves. Iron work better than expensive, but move to see the safety is not broken.
Which if taken straight The whole job is good. Glue a little bit. I'm not very serious Because the plating is a double-edged sword. Or split until thoroughly glued sticky, this is normal. Various weaknesses, if you know, then repair to go easy, nothing much.
But the concern is the plastic grade and durability of the joints here. Because it would be more sensible to have MB armor in ABS. The strength of the spur. The old part of the steel would have to solve the design. Because many spots look awful as well. If it is to level up the MG plastic grade is likely to be the ABS with the POM shift points to break it.
But overall, compared with the price. It is considered right. Price is lower than the current standard MG is more than 1/100 No grade, which is really a bit careful to watch it. Because it is hard to repair.
Really some point to iron to it, it's good to end because PG has a piece of iron without problems. This is Daban's first full development, which seems to be about to develop.null